Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-Wan Gigabit Router - Dreamedia AV
Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-Wan Gigabit Router - Dreamedia AV
Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-Wan Gigabit Router - Dreamedia AV
Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-Wan Gigabit Router - Dreamedia AV

Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-Wan Gigabit Router

High-performance dual-WAN gigabit router features

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Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-Wan Gigabit Router

Unleashing the Power of Connectivity

In the realm of digital dominance, a reliable and robust network is the backbone that supports the seamless flow of information. The Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-WAN Gigabit Router stands as a sentinel at the gates of your digital fortress, ensuring that every byte of data is transferred with lightning speed and unwavering reliability. This isn't just a router; it's the central nervous system of your home or office network, designed to meet the demands of high-bandwidth applications and the ever-growing number of connected devices.

Designed for Performance

Imagine a highway that can expand instantly to accommodate any amount of traffic without a hitch. The Luxul ABR-5000 is the networking equivalent, boasting true gigabit WAN to LAN performance that ensures fast and reliable data transfer. It's like having a private superhighway for your data, where congestion is a thing of the past, and everything moves at breakneck speeds.

Reliability That Never Sleeps

Your network is the lifeblood of your connectivity, and downtime is simply not an option. The dual-WAN capability of the Luxul ABR-5000 offers enhanced reliability through load balancing and failover control. This means if one connection falters, the router automatically switches to another, keeping your network online without missing a beat. It's the peace of mind that comes from knowing your connection is guarded by a vigilant watchman that never sleeps.

Security and Peace of Mind

In an age where digital threats lurk around every corner, the Luxul ABR-5000 stands as a bulwark against intrusion. With its robust firewall and customizable content filtering, you can tailor your network's defenses to your specific needs, keeping your digital domain safe from unwanted content and potential security breaches. It's like having a personal digital security guard that ensures your network stays pristine.

Effortless Control and Accessibility

The Luxul ABR-5000 is not just a powerhouse of performance; it's also a marvel of accessibility. Secure remote access via VPN means you can tap into your network from anywhere in the world with the same confidence as if you were sitting right at your desk. Whether you're working from a beach or a boardroom, your network is always within reach.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every network is as unique as the individuals and devices that rely on it. With the Luxul ABR-5000, you have the power to configure essential features like security, remote access, and media sharing. It's like having a custom-tailored suit for your digital life, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

A Symphony of Features

  • High-Speed Data Transfer: Gigabit WAN to LAN performance that moves data with unparalleled speed.
  • Dual-WAN Reliability: Load balancing and failover control for an always-on network experience.
  • Advanced Security: Firewall protection and customizable content filtering for safe browsing.
  • VPN Support: Secure remote access for peace of mind, wherever you may be.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Prioritize traffic to ensure critical applications always have the bandwidth they need.
  • VLAN Support: Segment your network for better management and security.
  • Easy Setup: Get up and running quickly with simple setup and management features.
  • Durable Construction: A fanless, 1U metal enclosure that's built to last, whether mounted in a rack or sitting on a desktop.

Effortless Installation

Setting up the Luxul ABR-5000 is a breeze, whether you're a networking novice or a seasoned IT professional. With rack-mounting ears and rubber feet included, you have the flexibility to install it in a server rack or proudly display it on a desk. The intuitive web-based management system means that configuring your network is as simple as browsing your favorite website.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

The Luxul ABR-5000 doesn't just perform like a champion; it looks the part too. The front-facing LEDs provide a clear status indication at a glance, with blue/green color options to match your style or mood. The sleek, durable 1U metal enclosure is designed not only for performance but also to complement any modern workspace.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater system is only as good as its network. That's why we're not just here to sell you a router; we're here to design and optimize your entire home theater experience. With the Luxul ABR-5000 as the foundation of your network, you can rest assured that your streaming, gaming, and media sharing will be smooth and uninterrupted.

A Warranty That Stands by You

We believe in the Luxul ABR-5000 so much that it comes with a three-year limited warranty. It's our way of saying we're confident in the quality and reliability of what we offer. This commitment to excellence ensures that your investment in a superior networking experience is protected for years to come.

Join the Network Revolution

The Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-WAN Gigabit Router represents the pinnacle of network performance and reliability. It's not just a gateway to the internet; it's a comprehensive solution that empowers you to take control of your digital life. Whether for work or play, for streaming or gaming, this router is the heart of a network that never skips a beat.

Embrace the power, the performance, and the peace of mind that comes with the Luxul ABR-5000. Transform your network into an epicenter of connectivity, and never look back. Welcome to the future of networking—welcome to Luxul.

Dreamedia is here to guide you every step of the way. Let us help design your ultimate home theater system, with the Luxul ABR-5000 as the solid foundation that ties everything together. Contact us today and step into a world where connectivity knows no bounds.

Our Review

Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-WAN Gigabit Router Review


The Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 is an advanced networking solution designed to provide high-speed, reliable internet connectivity, which is a critical foundation for any state-of-the-art home theater or smart home system. Its dual-WAN capability ensures that your streaming and smart devices operate without a hitch, providing the performance and stability that tech-savvy users demand.


The Luxul ABR-5000 boasts a sleek, modern design with intuitive front-facing LEDs that indicate the router's status at a glance. The convenience of having all ports on the back as part of the AV Series reinforces its user-friendly approach, ensuring a clean and organized installation.

LED Indicators and Connectivity

The LED indicators provide immediate visual feedback on the system's health, which is invaluable for troubleshooting. The router offers an ample number of ports, with 2 dedicated WAN and 5 dedicated LAN ports, fulfilling the needs of most complex home networks.

Form Factor and Build Quality

With a fanless design, the ABR-5000 operates silently, making it ideal for environments where noise is a concern, such as living rooms or home offices. The 1U metal enclosure is both durable and versatile, ready for rack mount or desktop use. However, it's worth noting that additional accessories may be required for rack installation.


The Luxul ABR-5000 packs a suite of features that cater to both advanced users and those who prioritize network security and control.

Dual-WAN Capability

The dual-WAN capability with load balancing and failover control is a standout feature, providing uninterrupted connectivity. This is particularly beneficial for homes where internet access is critical for work, entertainment, and smart home functionality.

Content Filtering and Scheduling

The customizable web content filtering and scheduling are robust tools for managing network usage and ensuring family-safe browsing, which is increasingly important in today's connected world.

VPN and Remote Access

Secure remote access via VPN is a boon for users who need to access their home network while away. The router's support for various VPN protocols enhances its versatility and security, appealing to those with a keen eye on data protection.

Network Segmentation and Security

VLAN support is a powerful feature for network segmentation, allowing for the creation of separate networks within a home. The network security features and integrated firewall add layers of defense against external threats, safeguarding your smart devices and sensitive data.


The true gigabit WAN to LAN performance of the ABR-5000 ensures that your home theater system and smart devices can operate at their full potential, with minimal buffering and seamless streaming.

Speed and Reliability

In terms of network throughput, the ABR-5000 delivers as promised, with gigabit speeds that meet the demands of high-bandwidth activities. The Quality of Service (QoS) feature allows for network optimization, prioritizing critical traffic and ensuring smooth performance across all devices.

User Experience and Setup

The setup process and management interface are designed with user experience in mind. The router is generally praised for its stable performance and efficient management, although advanced features may require a deeper dive into the settings.

Additional Considerations

The inclusion of a three-year limited warranty provides peace of mind, but the fact that the ABR-5000 is a DEALER ONLY ITEM may limit its availability to end users, requiring them to go through authorized installers.

Advanced Capabilities and Third-Party Software

While the router offers a range of advanced features, some may depend on third-party software or additional configuration, which could be a hurdle for less tech-savvy users. Additionally, certain features might necessitate further licensing, adding to the total cost of ownership.

Final Thoughts

The Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-WAN Gigabit Router is a formidable choice for those seeking a high-performance, secure, and reliable network backbone for their home theater and smart home systems. Its robust feature set, coupled with top-tier speed and reliability, make it well-suited for environments where connectivity is paramount. Though its advanced capabilities and dealer-only distribution may pose challenges for some, for the right user or installation scenario, the ABR-5000 represents a worthwhile investment into a future-proofed, high-quality network solution.



  • Model: Luxul ABR-5000 Epic 5 Dual-WAN Gigabit Router
  • Fanless: Yes
  • Device Orientation: Portrait mode
  • Max Power Consumption (Watts): 12
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.6" x 7" x 1.75" (294 x 178.8 x 44.5 mm)
  • Weight (lbs/kg): 2.85 lbs (1.30 kg)
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited


  • Enclosure: Durable 1U Metal
  • Processor: Cavium Dual-Core MIPS64
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3/8GB eMMC


  • WAN Ports: 2 (10/100/1000M Auto MDI/MDIX)
  • LAN Ports: 5 (10/100/1000M Auto MDI/MDIX)
  • USB Ports: 1 (USB 3.0)
  • Console Port: 1 (RJ-45)
  • LED Indicators: Power, SYS, USB, WAN, LAN, WAN/LAN (3)
  • LED Color Options: Blue/Green Selectable


  • Gigabit WAN to LAN Performance: Yes
  • Dual-WAN: Yes
  • VLAN/Guest Network Support: Yes


  • PPTP: Yes
  • L2TP: Yes
  • IPsec: Yes


  • Firewall: Yes
  • Content Filtering: Customizable


  • Web-based Management: Yes
  • Remote Management: Yes
  • Firmware Upgradeable: Yes via Browser


  • Mounting Options: Rack-mounted or Desktop
  • Included Accessories: Rack Mounting Ears, Rubber Feet, Power Cord, Quick Install Guide

Additional Features

  • QoS (Quality of Service): Yes
  • Load Balancing: Yes
  • Failover Control: Yes
  • Remote Access: Domotz* online web portal, ProWatch compatibility

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