Focal 1000 ICW6 - Dreamedia AV
Focal 1000 ICW6 - Dreamedia AV
Focal 1000 ICW6 - Dreamedia AV
Focal 1000 ICW6 - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Focal

Focal 1000 ICW6

In-ceiling audiophile speakers with advanced tweeter and Dolby Atmos

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Focal 1000 ICW6

Unveiling the Focal 1000 ICW6: A Symphony of Sound and Design

When you're in pursuit of the quintessential audio experience, every detail counts. From the craftsmanship of the speaker to the purity of the sound, and right down to the very installation process, there's an art to creating the perfect home theater system. Enter the Focal 1000 ICW6, a masterstroke of acoustic engineering and design finesse, born from the storied ateliers of France.

The Essence of French Acoustic Expertise

Focal's commitment to sonic perfection is evident in the 1000 ICW6, a speaker that embodies the very essence of high-fidelity sound. Conceived and crafted in France, this in-ceiling and in-wall 2-way coaxial loudspeaker is the result of meticulous research and development. It's not just a speaker; it's a statement of excellence.

Advanced Driver Technologies

At the heart of the 1000 ICW6's unparalleled performance are its advanced driver technologies: - Midrange/Bass Speaker Driver: Equipped with Focal's exclusive 'W' cone, it delivers a sound that is as precise as it is powerful. - Tweeter: Made from pure Beryllium, a material renowned for its incredible rigidity and lightness, this tweeter offers an extended frequency response, ensuring crystal-clear high frequencies.

Discreet Integration into Your Space

Focal understands the importance of aesthetics in your home. That's why the 1000 ICW6 comes with both square and circular magnetic grilles that are ready to paint. This ensures the speakers can blend seamlessly into your décor, providing an auditory presence without a visual intrusion.

Effortless Installation

The patented Quick Install system revolutionizes the installation process: - Tool-Free Mounting: Positioning handles and a rear dust guard enable a clean, tool-free installation. - Magnetic Grilles: Easily attachable grilles make the setup process smooth and hassle-free.

Tailored Acoustic Performance

The 1000 ICW6 is designed with customization at its core: - Impedance Customization: Modify the speaker driver impedance for a tailored audio experience that suits your specific setup. - Flexible Positioning: Install the speaker horizontally or vertically, adapting to the unique demands of your space.

Perfect Harmony with Utopia

Designed to complement the 1000 IWLCR Utopia, the 1000 ICW6 enhances your home cinema experience, ensuring a cohesive and immersive soundscape that captures every nuance of your favorite films and music.

CI Expert Network Support

With the CI Expert network, you have access to a community of official specialist retailers ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring your home theater system is nothing short of perfection.

A Sensational Listening Experience

The Focal 1000 ICW6 promises a sensational stereo and home cinema sound experience. High-caliber components and Focal's renowned acoustic engineering converge to bring you an auditory experience that is as dynamic as it is detailed.

The Pinnacle of Discreet Audio Design

The 1000 ICW6 isn't just another speaker—it's a testament to Focal's legacy of audio excellence. It's a high-end, fully-integrated solution that offers premium sound quality while maintaining a discreet presence in your home.

Key Features at a Glance

  • High-Quality Driver Technology: Experience superior sound reproduction with Focal's pure Beryllium tweeter and 'W' cone mid/bass driver.
  • Compact and Powerful: Despite its size, the ICW6 delivers exceptional musicality and power.
  • Installation Versatility: Use as an in-ceiling or in-wall speaker to best suit your needs.
  • Angling and Level Adjustment: Optimize sound projection and room integration with manual adjustments.
  • Dolby Atmos Compatibility: Enjoy an immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos specifications.
  • Customizable Magnetic Grilles: Paint-ready grilles make it easy to match your decor.
  • Impeccable Stereo and Home Cinema Sound: A high-caliber audio experience for music and movies.
  • Customizable Impedance: Adjust performance to match your system.
  • Focal's Signature 1000 Series Quality: Part of a range known for acoustic excellence.
  • Flexible Positioning: Install horizontally or vertically to fit your space.
  • Premium Sound Components: Benefit from high-end components for a superior listening experience.
  • Discrete Installation: Maintain a clean aesthetic with a hidden installation.
  • Adjustable Drivers: Personalize sound direction for your room.
  • Tool-Free Installation: Enjoy a simple and efficient setup process.

Experience the Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we're not just about selling you a speaker; we're about crafting an audio experience that transcends the ordinary. With the Focal 1000 ICW6, our team of experts is ready to design a home theater system that resonates with your personal style and meets your exacting standards. Our personalized support ensures that from the moment you choose the 1000 ICW6, you're embarking on an auditory journey like no other.

Immerse Yourself in the Sound

Imagine a sound so pure, so precise, that it transports you to the heart of the performance. Whether it's the subtle breaths between an artist's lyrics or the thunderous roar of a blockbuster's climax, the 1000 ICW6 captures it all. It's not just about hearing the music or the movie; it's about experiencing it.

A Symphony of Sound Awaits

The Focal 1000 ICW6 is more than a speaker—it's the gateway to a world where sound is an art form. It's where design meets technology, and where performance meets passion. It's where your home becomes the concert hall, the cinema, the center of your entertainment universe.

Embrace the Art of Listening

With Dreamedia and the Focal 1000 ICW6, you're not just installing a speaker; you're embracing the art of listening. You're choosing a path of sonic excellence that will redefine your audio expectations. Let us help you design the home theater system that not only meets your desires but exceeds them. The Focal 1000 ICW6 is waiting to unveil a world of sound you've yet to discover.


The 1000 ICW6 in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker is a fully-integrated solution for a high-calibre Stereo and Home Cinema sound experience. Made in France, it brings together exclusive technology, such as the ‘W’ cone of its midrange/bass speaker driver and the pure Beryllium tweeter. The tweeter is also positionable and adjustable, for optimal adjustment to your listening room. The square and circular magnetic grilles supplied with the product are also ready to paint, ensuring they are completely unobtrusive. Meanwhile, installation is quick thanks to the patented Quick Install system. Featuring a rear dust guard and positioning handles to fix the loudspeaker into the mounting frame without the need for tools, 1000 ICW6 is an incredibly accomplished high-end product.

This 1000 Series range of loudspeakers embodies Focal excellence for the most sensational—and discreet—listening experience.

Our Review


The Focal 1000 ICW6 is an in-ceiling speaker that belongs to the 1000 Series by the renowned French manufacturer, Focal. This compact speaker is designed to provide exceptional audio performance while seamlessly blending into any home theater or audio setup. With a range of advanced features, including Focal's proprietary driver technologies and Dolby Atmos compatibility, the ICW6 aims to deliver an immersive and high-quality audio experience. In this review, we will delve into the design, sound quality, installation process, and overall performance of the Focal 1000 ICW6.

Design and Build Quality

The Focal 1000 ICW6 boasts a compact and discreet design that allows it to seamlessly integrate into any living space. Whether you choose to install it in the ceiling or on a wall, the ICW6 offers versatile placement options. It comes with both square and circular paint-ready magnetic grilles, allowing you to customize its appearance to match your decor. The inclusion of magnetic grilles not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also makes it easy to remove and clean them when needed.

Installation of the ICW6 is a breeze, thanks to Focal's patented Quick Install system. The speaker features a rear dust guard and positioning handles, eliminating the need for tools during the fixing process. This tool-free installation process ensures a hassle-free setup and saves valuable time. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, the Focal 1000 ICW6 offers a convenient and straightforward installation experience.

Sound Quality

One of the standout features of the Focal 1000 ICW6 is its utilization of Focal's advanced driver technologies. The speaker incorporates a pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter and a W cone mid/bass driver, both of which contribute to its exceptional sound quality. The Beryllium tweeter is known for its remarkable clarity and accuracy, ensuring that even the most delicate nuances of the audio are faithfully reproduced. The W cone mid/bass driver complements the tweeter, delivering powerful and well-defined low-frequency response.

The Focal 1000 ICW6 excels in terms of musicality and power handling. Despite its small size, this speaker is capable of delivering an immersive and dynamic audio experience. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing video games, the ICW6 provides a balanced and detailed soundstage. The adjustable tweeter allows you to personalize the sound direction, ensuring optimal integration into your listening room. Additionally, the ICW6 meets Dolby Atmos specifications, allowing for an enhanced and immersive audio experience in compatible home theater setups.

Installation and Setup

The Focal 1000 ICW6 offers several features that make installation and setup a breeze. The tweeter can be angled towards the listening position (+/- 20°), ensuring optimal sound projection. This angling capability allows you to tailor the audio experience to your specific room layout and seating position. Additionally, the tweeter can be manually level-adjusted (+/- 3dB), enabling you to fine-tune the sound to suit the acoustics of your room.

The Quick Install system by Focal makes the installation process quick and easy. The rear dust guard and positioning handles facilitate tool-free fixing into the mounting frame, saving you both time and effort. Whether you choose to position the speaker horizontally or vertically, the ICW6 provides flexibility to cater to your specific setup requirements. Furthermore, Focal offers optional on-wall frames for the ICW6, allowing for even more installation possibilities.


The Focal 1000 ICW6 offers several notable benefits that make it a standout choice in the market:

  • High-quality driver technology: The utilization of Focal's advanced driver technologies, including the pure Beryllium tweeter and W cone mid/bass driver, ensures exceptional sound reproduction.
  • Compact design with powerful performance: Despite its small size, the ICW6 delivers immense musicality and power, making it suitable for a wide range of audio applications.
  • Installation flexibility: The ability to use the ICW6 as both an in-ceiling and in-wall speaker provides installation options to suit the user's preference and room layout.
  • Angling and level adjustment options: The tweeter can be angled and level-adjusted, allowing for optimal sound projection and integration into the listening space.
  • Dolby Atmos compatibility: The ICW6 meets Dolby Atmos specifications, providing an immersive audio experience in compatible home theater setups.
  • Magnetic grilles for customization: The inclusion of both square and circular paint-ready magnetic grilles makes it easy to customize the appearance of the speaker to blend seamlessly with the surroundings.
  • Premium sound quality and musicality: The ICW6 offers a high-caliber stereo and home cinema sound experience, thanks to its high-end components and advanced driver technologies.
  • Tool-free and easy installation process: The Quick Install system, rear dust guard, and positioning handles simplify the installation process, making it accessible to both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.


While the Focal 1000 ICW6 boasts impressive features and performance, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited information provided: The provided information does not detail any potential drawbacks or limitations specific to the Focal 1000 ICW6 model.
  • Potential delay in shipping: As with any popular product, there may be a backlog of orders, leading to shipping delays.
  • Higher price compared to non-high-end loudspeakers: The price of the ICW6 may be higher compared to non-high-end loudspeakers, making it a significant investment for some consumers.
  • Professional installation assistance may be required: While the ICW6 offers a user-friendly installation process, some users may prefer to seek professional assistance for a seamless installation experience.
  • Limited availability upon release: The Focal 1000 ICW6 is set to be released in February, which may result in limited availability initially.
  • Primarily designed for home cinema installations: The ICW6 is primarily designed for home cinema installations, limiting its versatility for other audio setups.
  • Performance limitations in larger rooms: While the ICW6 excels in smaller rooms, it may not deliver optimal performance in larger spaces, which could impact its usability for some users.


The Focal 1000 ICW6 is a high-quality in-ceiling speaker that offers impressive sound reproduction and installation flexibility. With its advanced driver technologies, including the pure Beryllium tweeter and W cone mid/bass driver, the ICW6 delivers a premium audio experience with exceptional musicality and power handling. The ability to angle and level-adjust the tweeter, along with Dolby Atmos compatibility, further enhances the immersive audio experience. While there may be limited information and potential drawbacks to consider, the Focal 1000 ICW6 is an excellent choice for those seeking a discreet and high-performance in-ceiling speaker for their home theater or audio setup.


General Specifications

  • Product Type: In-Ceiling and In-Wall 2-Way Coaxial Loudspeaker
  • Manufacturing Location: France

Speaker Design

  • Design Type: 2-way in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker
  • Mounting: Patented Quick Install system for quick and tool-free installation
  • Grilles: Square and circular magnetic grilles, ready to paint
  • Positioning: Tweeter is positionable and adjustable
  • Customization: Can be positioned horizontally or vertically
  • Compatibility: Designed to assemble with the 1000 IWLCR Utopia 3-way in-wall loudspeaker

Audio Performance

  • Frequency Response: 60Hz - 30kHz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB (2.83V/1m)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 25 - 150W
  • Midrange/Bass Speaker Driver: 6.5" (165mm) 'W' cone
  • Tweeter: 1" (25mm) pure Beryllium inverted dome
  • Impedance Customization: Customizable according to the number of products assembled

Construction and Design

  • Construction: Made in France with exclusive Focal technology
  • Discreet Design: Grilles and trim are white for a discreet appearance once installed

Dimensions and Weight

  • External Size (H x L x D): 95/8 x 41/8" (244 x 105mm)
  • Mounting Dimensions (H x L): 81/2" (216mm)
  • Mounting Depth: 4" (100mm)
  • Net Weight (with grille): 5.29lbs (2.4kg)
  • Box Size (L x D x H): 121/4 x 121/4 x 105/8" (310 x 310 x 270mm)
  • Total Weight (with packaging): 8.60lbs (3.9kg)

Additional Features

  • Rear Dust Guard: Included
  • Positioning Handles: Included for tool-free fixing into the mounting frame
  • W Cone: 'W' sandwich cone optimizes the frequency response curve
  • Beryllium Tweeter: Pure Beryllium inverted dome covers over five octaves
  • Expert Support: Available through Focal's CI Expert network

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