Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Focal

Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker

High-performance outdoor speaker with weather-resistant design

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Focal 100 OD8 Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker

Elevate Your Outdoor Sound Experience

Imagine an outdoor gathering where the rhythm of your favorite music blends seamlessly with the ambiance of nature. The Focal 100 OD8 outdoor speaker is designed to elevate such experiences, transforming your garden, patio, or pool area into an acoustic haven. With its superior sound quality and robust construction, the Focal 100 OD8 invites you to step outside and immerse yourself in a world where every note is crisp, clear, and incredibly lifelike.

Unparalleled Audio Performance

  • Dynamic Range and Clarity: The heart of the Focal 100 OD8 lies in its 8" woofer and aluminum inverted dome tweeter. The woofer, treated with Focal's proprietary Polyglass coating, delivers tight, impactful bass and a rich midrange. The tweeter ensures that high frequencies are reproduced with precision and without harshness, allowing for a smooth and detailed soundstage that will delight audiophiles and casual listeners alike.
  • Efficiency and Power: Not only does the Focal 100 OD8 boast a slightly higher efficiency compared to its sibling, the 100 OD6, but it also thrives in higher volume settings without sacrificing audio quality. This means you can fill your outdoor space with sound without worrying about distortion.

Durability Meets Design

  • Weather-Resistant Construction: The Focal 100 OD8's cabinet is not just any ordinary housing. Made from UV-treated, high-density polypropylene with damping properties, it is built to withstand the elements. The speaker is IP66 certified, indicating it is both watertight and dustproof, ensuring longevity no matter what the weather forecast holds.
  • Sophisticated Grille and Cabinet Finishes: With grille and cabinet options available in black or white finishes that are ready to paint, the Focal 100 OD8 can complement any outdoor decor. The grille itself is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum with UV protection treatment to maintain its aesthetic appeal over time.

Flexible Installation and Positioning

  • Mounting Versatility: Whether you prefer your speakers to be a discreet part of your outdoor setup or a prominent feature, the Focal 100 OD8 accommodates. The reinforced aluminum bracket allows for horizontal or vertical mounting, and its 180-degree swivel capability ensures that you can direct sound precisely where you want it.
  • Symmetrical Sound Placement: For the best audio experience, the Focal 100 OD8 can be positioned symmetrically, forming an isosceles triangle with the listening area. This setup allows for an even distribution of sound, enveloping you and your guests in a balanced and immersive listening environment.

Connectivity and Compatibility

  • Speaker Wire Flexibility: The Focal 100 OD8 accepts bare wire (up to 12AWG) and banana plugs (single only), offering flexible connection options to suit various types of outdoor audio setups. This versatility ensures that integrating the speaker into your existing system is a breeze.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support

  • Peace of Mind: The Focal 100 OD8 comes with a 60-day price protection guarantee, giving you confidence in your investment. Additionally, Dreamedia is here to assist with designing your ideal home theater system, ensuring that the Focal 100 OD8 integrates seamlessly with your vision.

Enhanced Listening Experience

  • SpeakerCompare Feature: To truly appreciate the sonic characteristics of the Focal 100 OD8, we recommend using Crutchfield's SpeakerCompare Listening Kit. This tool allows you to compare the Focal 100 OD8 with other speakers, ensuring you make an informed decision that suits your unique audio preferences.

Key Features at a Glance

  • High-quality audio performance tailored for outdoor use
  • Durable UV-treated, vibration-damping polypropylene cabinet
  • IP66 certification for extreme weather resistance
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum grille with UV protection
  • High impedance (8 ohms) for versatile system compatibility
  • Option to connect two loudspeakers in parallel on the same amplifier output
  • Flexible installation with a 180-degree rotation system
  • Accepts a variety of speaker wire connections
  • Available in black or white finishes, ready to paint to match your style
  • Sold as a single unit for a custom-tailored setup

The Focal Advantage

Choosing Focal means opting for a legacy of excellence in sound. The 'made in Focal' components of the 100 OD8 are a testament to the brand's commitment to audio perfection. From the intricacies of designing drivers that reproduce sound with utmost fidelity to ensuring every product can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, Focal delivers an experience that resonates with the soul of music.

Dreamedia – Your Partner in Home Theater Excellence

At Dreamedia, we understand the allure of the perfect home theater system. That's why we stand ready to help you design an outdoor audio setup that incorporates the Focal 100 OD8, ensuring that your space not only sounds exceptional but also reflects your personal style and needs.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

The Focal 100 OD8 is more than just an outdoor speaker; it's a gateway to an elevated acoustic experience. With its combination of high-quality audio performance, weather-resistant construction, and versatile installation options, it invites you to redefine the boundaries between indoor luxury and outdoor leisure. Whether you're looking to create a serene retreat or the ultimate entertainment hub, the Focal 100 OD8 is your soundtrack to the great outdoors.

To learn more about the Focal 100 OD8 or to start designing your dream outdoor audio system, visit us at Dreamedia. Let us bring the concert to your backyard and the cinema to your patio with the unparalleled performance of Focal.

In addition to its UV-treated, high-density Polypropylene damping cabinet, the 100 OD8* loudspeaker is IP66 certified** (Ingress Protection rating 66). This reference international standard demonstrates the remarkable resistance of products to extreme weather conditions, and more specifically their watertight and dust-proof qualities. Integrating Focal Technologies,the 100 OD8 loudspeaker delivers the Focal’s high-fidelity sound outdoors. It is also easy to install, thanks to its reinforced, notched assembly bracket. Its 180-degree rotation system makes it easy to position, too. And because, at Focal, attention is paid to each and every detail and to satisfying every taste, the grille and cabinet are available in black finish or white ready-to-paint finish.

Our Review


The Focal 100 OD8 is an outdoor speaker designed by Focal, a brand known for its high-performance home and car audio solutions. With its impressive features and reputation, this speaker aims to deliver exceptional audio quality even in challenging outdoor environments.

Design and Build Quality

The Focal 100 OD8 is built to withstand the elements, thanks to its construction materials and design choices. The cabinet is made from UV-treated vibration-damping polypropylene, ensuring durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. The speaker also features a corrosion-resistant aluminum grille with UV protection treatment, further enhancing its longevity.

One standout feature of the Focal 100 OD8 is its reinforced, notched assembly bracket made from solid, anti-rust aluminum. This bracket provides a sturdy mounting option and allows for flexible positioning, whether you choose to install the speaker horizontally or vertically. The 180-degree rotation system adds to the installation versatility, enabling you to direct the sound where you want it.

Audio Performance

The Focal 100 OD8 boasts impressive audio performance for outdoor listening. It features an 8" woofer and an inverted aluminum dome tweeter, delivering a wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction. Focal's proprietary Polyglass coating on the woofer enhances rigidity and accuracy, resulting in detailed and dynamic sound.

When it comes to outdoor speakers, it's essential to have symmetrical positioning for optimal sound coverage. The Focal 100 OD8 allows for this, enabling you to position the speakers symmetrically and achieve an immersive audio experience.

Installation and Connectivity

The Focal 100 OD8 is designed for easy installation and offers a range of connectivity options. With dimensions of 10.2"x11"x15.4" (including brackets), these speakers can fit seamlessly into various outdoor settings. The included reinforced aluminum bracket ensures a secure and hassle-free installation process.

The 180-degree rotation system allows for flexible positioning, ensuring that you can direct the sound precisely where you want it. Additionally, the spring post terminals on the speaker make connectivity a breeze, accepting both bare wire and banana plugs for a secure and reliable connection.

Weather Resistance

The Focal 100 OD8 is IP66 certified, which means it offers exceptional weather resistance. This certification ensures that the speaker is protected against water and dust ingress, making it suitable for use in extreme weather conditions. Whether it's heavy rain or scorching heat, the Focal 100 OD8 is built to withstand it all.

The watertight and dust-proof qualities of the Focal 100 OD8 give you peace of mind, knowing that your outdoor speaker will continue to perform at its best regardless of the weather conditions.

Aesthetics and Color Options

In terms of aesthetics, the Focal 100 OD8 strikes a balance between a sleek design and a rugged outdoor speaker. The available black finish and white ready-to-paint finish options allow you to choose the one that best suits your outdoor decor.

One potential drawback is the non-detachable grille. While this may not be an issue for most users, it can limit the customization options for those who prefer a different grille color or design. However, the overall design of the speaker is versatile enough to blend into various outdoor environments.


The Focal 100 OD8 outdoor speaker offers an impressive package of design, audio performance, and weather resistance. Its high-quality construction materials, reinforced aluminum bracket, and flexible installation options make it a durable and reliable choice for outdoor audio.

The audio performance of the Focal 100 OD8 is exceptional, with the 8" woofer and inverted aluminum dome tweeter delivering detailed and accurate sound reproduction. The symmetrical positioning option ensures optimal sound coverage, making it suitable for various outdoor settings.

While the limited color options and non-detachable grille may be minor drawbacks, they do not overshadow the overall value and performance of the Focal 100 OD8. If you're looking for a high-quality outdoor speaker that can withstand extreme weather conditions and deliver impressive sound, the Focal 100 OD8 is definitely worth considering.


Design and Construction

  • Cabinet Material: UV-treated, high-density Polypropylene
  • Finish Options: Black finish, White ready-to-paint finish
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP66


  • Tweeter Type: Aluminium inverted dome
  • Woofer Type: Bass/mid-range speaker driver
  • Woofer Material: Waterproof Polypropylene cone with Polyglass treatment
  • Power Handling: Higher efficiency and power handling compared to 100 OD6


  • Impedance: 8 ohms

Installation and Use

  • Bracket Material: Reinforced, notched assembly bracket made from solid, anti-rust Aluminium
  • Rotation Capability: