Focal 100 ICW8 Pre-Construction Mounting Bracket

Precision mounting bracket for in-ceiling speakers


by Focal
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Elevate Your Audio Experience with Focal

Imagine immersing yourself in a world where every note of your favorite symphony or the crisp dialogue of the latest blockbuster movie is perfectly positioned within your space. With the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket, that world is not just a dream—it's a reality you can achieve with ease. Designed exclusively for the revered Focal 100 ICW8 in-ceiling speaker, this mounting bracket is the foundation for an audio setup that exudes both elegance and precision.

Uncompromising Compatibility

The Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket is crafted with a singular focus: to complement and enhance the performance of your Focal 100 ICW8 speaker. Every aspect of its design is tailored to ensure a symbiotic relationship between the bracket and the speaker, promising an installation that's not only secure but also aesthetically pleasing.

Seamless and Secure Installation

  • Pre-Construction Perfection: This bracket is your first step in a pre-construction plan, marking the exact location for your in-ceiling speakers even before the drywall goes up.
  • Sturdy Mounting Frame: Receive one robust speaker mounting frame designed to hold your Focal 100 ICW8 with unwavering stability.
  • Versatile Fixing Strips: Two fixing strips with multiple screw holes cater to different stud widths, ensuring a perfect fit in any wall or ceiling.
  • Adjustable Size: With score lines for easy snapping, the fixing strips can be tailored to the unique dimensions of your space.
  • Secure Attachment Points: Attachment points on the frame and screw holes on the fixing strips provide a fortified bond between the bracket and your surface of choice.

Thoughtful Construction Details

  • Wiring Made Easy: A cleverly integrated wiring eyelet on the frame keeps speaker wires organized and secure during installation.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Whether your setup calls for an in-wall or in-ceiling approach, this bracket is engineered to accommodate both with equal finesse.
  • Straightforward Setup: The bracket attaches directly to ceiling joists, simplifying the construction process and paving the way for smoother installation.

Unmatched Sound Precision

  • Optimal Speaker Placement: Accurate positioning is key to achieving the best sound. This bracket ensures your speaker is situated for peak audio performance.
  • Compact and Powerful: Despite its compact design, your Focal 100 ICW8 speaker, equipped with a new aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a Polyglass cone, delivers exceptional sound that fills even medium-sized rooms with ease.

Aesthetic and Functional Flexibility

  • Magnetic Front Grilles: Choose between square and circular grilles to match your interior design, both easily affixed with magnets for a clean look.
  • Tailored Sound: A three-position switch allows for treble adjustment, giving you control over the audio output to suit your preferences.
  • Multi-Room Connectivity: Connect your Focal 100 ICW8 to the same amplifier as other loudspeakers for a cohesive multi-room audio experience.

Designed for Every Environment

  • Tropicalisation: Engineered to withstand humid environments, the Focal 100 ICW8 speaker and its mounting bracket are perfect for bathroom installations or any area where moisture is a concern.
  • Shallow Mounting Depth: The bracket's design ensures that it can be installed in a variety of spaces without the need for extensive modifications.

Main Benefits at a Glance

  • Tailored to the Focal 100 ICW8 speaker for a harmonious fit
  • Facilitates a secure, stable, and straightforward speaker installation
  • Enables precise speaker positioning for optimal sound quality
  • Suitable for both small and medium-sized rooms and various environments
  • Delivers high-quality sound that Focal is known for
  • Adaptable to in-wall or in-ceiling setups
  • Tropicalisation feature allows for use in humid areas
  • Easy to install, saving time and effort

The Dreamedia Advantage

At Dreamedia, we are committed to helping you design a home theater system that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our team of experts understands the nuances of home theater technology and is ready to assist you every step of the way—from selecting the right components to the final installation. With the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket, we bring you a product that perfectly aligns with our standards of excellence and our promise to deliver the ultimate home theater experience.

Your Partner in Home Theater Excellence

Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or someone looking to elevate your home entertainment, the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket is an essential component of your audio setup. Its blend of functional elegance, precise engineering, and compatibility with high-quality sound systems makes it an investment that will pay dividends in the form of an unparalleled auditory experience.

Dreamedia is here to guide you through the process of integrating this exceptional product into your home theater system. Our expertise is at your disposal, ensuring a seamless transition to audio perfection. Embrace the harmony of impeccable sound and sophisticated design with the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket.


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Thanks to the mounting bracket you will easily and precisely install your in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker. It includes a fixing strip combined to a frame for the location.

Focal 100 ICW8 Pre-Construction Mounting Bracket Review


The Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket is a crucial accessory designed to ensure precise and accurate speaker placement for optimal sound performance. When it comes to creating a home theater or audio system, the correct positioning of speakers can make a significant difference in the overall audio experience. This mounting bracket simplifies the installation process and guarantees that the Focal 100 ICW8 in-ceiling speaker is perfectly positioned, enhancing both the aesthetics and the audio quality of your setup.

Design and Installation

The Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket is specifically designed for use with the Focal 100 ICW8 in-ceiling speaker. This ensures a perfect fit and compatibility, eliminating any potential issues during installation. The bracket offers versatile installation options, allowing you to choose between in-wall or in-ceiling placement according to your specific needs and room layout.

One of the standout features of this mounting bracket is its simplified construction, which makes the installation process smoother and more efficient. The bracket includes a fixing strip that ensures a secure and stable installation, minimizing any potential vibrations or movement that could impact the speaker's performance.

Installing the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design. It attaches to the ceiling joists before the drywall is installed, enabling easy integration into your home theater or audio system setup. Additionally, the bracket boasts a shallow mounting depth, making it even more convenient to install in a variety of spaces.

Features and Functionality

The Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket comes with a range of features that enhance its functionality and overall performance. The compact design includes a new aluminum inverted dome tweeter, which delivers crisp and accurate high frequencies. Combined with the 8" (21 cm) Polyglass cone, this speaker ensures a balanced and immersive sound experience.

The magnetic front grilles, available in both square and circular shapes, provide a stylish and seamless integration with your room's decor. This allows you to choose the grille that best suits your aesthetic preferences and complements your existing design elements. The grilles attach effortlessly to the mounting bracket, ensuring a clean and polished appearance.

For added flexibility, the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket features a three-position switch for treble adjustment. This allows you to fine-tune the speaker's sound according to your personal preferences and the specific acoustic characteristics of your room. Whether you prefer a brighter or warmer sound signature, this feature ensures that the speaker can adapt to your listening preferences.

Moreover, the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket can be connected to the same amplifier as another loudspeaker, expanding your audio setup possibilities. This compatibility with other loudspeakers enables you to create a more immersive and enveloping audio experience, particularly in larger rooms or dedicated home theater setups.

Additionally, the mounting bracket is tropicalized, making it suitable for installation in humid environments such as bathrooms. This ensures the durability and longevity of the speaker, even in areas with elevated moisture levels.

Performance and Sound Quality

The Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket plays a crucial role in achieving optimal sound performance. By accurately positioning the in-ceiling speaker, it helps create a balanced and immersive audio experience. The bracket ensures that the speaker is precisely angled and placed, maximizing the dispersion of sound and minimizing any potential audio distortion or interference.

When combined with the Focal 100 ICW8 in-ceiling speaker, the mounting bracket delivers high-quality sound reproduction across the entire frequency range. The aluminum inverted dome tweeter provides clear and detailed high frequencies, while the Polyglass cone delivers rich and accurate midrange and bass response. This combination results in a well-balanced and immersive soundstage that enhances your movie-watching or music-listening experience.

The Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized rooms. Its compact design and optimized performance ensure that you can enjoy high-quality audio without overwhelming the space. Whether you're watching a movie, playing games, or simply relaxing with your favorite music, this mounting bracket contributes to a satisfying and immersive audio experience.

Limitations and Considerations

While the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket offers many benefits, there are a few limitations and considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, it is specifically designed for use with the Focal 100 ICW8 in-ceiling speaker and may not be compatible with other speaker models. If you have a different speaker brand or model, it's essential to check compatibility before purchasing this mounting bracket.

Another consideration is that the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket is currently limited to shipping within the Continental US only. If you reside outside this area, you may need to explore alternative options or consider purchasing from a local retailer.

Unfortunately, the provided information does not mention specific details about the power handling or frequency response range of the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket. While it is safe to assume that it is designed to handle the power requirements and deliver a balanced frequency response for the accompanying Focal 100 ICW8 speaker, it would have been beneficial to have more detailed specifications.

Furthermore, no specific cons were mentioned in the provided information. While this may indicate that the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket has a generally positive reputation, it is always important to read user reviews and gather additional information before making a purchase decision.

Lastly, the information does not include any details about additional accessories or optional features that may enhance the functionality or usability of the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket. It would be beneficial to explore any available accessories or additional features that could further improve the installation process or expand the capabilities of the mounting bracket.


In conclusion, the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket offers a simplified and efficient installation process, ensuring accurate speaker placement for optimal sound performance. Its versatile design allows for in-wall or in-ceiling installation, making it suitable for various room types and setups. The compact design, combined with the high-quality sound reproduction of the Focal 100 ICW8 speaker, makes it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized rooms.

The Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket delivers on its promise of simplified installation and precise speaker placement. Its compatibility with other loudspeakers and tropicalization for installation in humid environments further expand its versatility. While there are a few limitations, such as limited compatibility with other speaker models and shipping restrictions, the overall benefits and performance of the mounting bracket make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking an enhanced audio experience.

Before making a purchase, ensure compatibility with your specific speaker model and consider the availability of additional accessories or optional features that may enhance the functionality of the Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket. By carefully considering your requirements and preferences, you can make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of accurate speaker placement and optimal sound performance in your home theater or audio system setup.


  • General Specifications
  • Product Name: Focal 100 ICW8 Mounting Bracket
  • Compatibility: Focal 100 ICW 8 in-ceiling speaker
  • Installation Type: New-construction pre-mount bracket
  • Function: Facilitates easy and precise installation of in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeakers
  • Components: Fixing strip combined to a frame for location
  • Installation Process: Attach the bracket to the ceiling joists before the drywall goes up to mark the speaker location for builders
  • Benefits: Ensures precise speaker placement, helps make installation smoother
  • Physical Specifications
  • Mounting Frame: Includes 1 speaker mounting frame
  • Fixing Strips: Comes with 2 fixing strips with multiple screw holes
  • Score Lines: Fixing strips include score lines for snapping off unused sections
  • Attachment Points: Speaker mounting frame has attachment points on all four sides
  • Wiring Eyelet: Included for securing speaker wires during installation
  • Design and Development
  • Country: France