Denon PMA1700NE Amplifier w/ DAC and USB - Dreamedia AV
Denon PMA1700NE Amplifier w/ DAC and USB - Dreamedia AV
Denon PMA1700NE Amplifier w/ DAC and USB - Dreamedia AV
Denon PMA1700NE Amplifier w/ DAC and USB - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Denon

Denon PMA1700NE Amplifier w/ DAC and USB

Integrated Amplifier-DAC with Advanced Connectivity

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Denon PMA1700NE Amplifier w/ DAC and USB

Unleash Pure Sound with the Denon PMA1700NE Integrated Amplifier

In the world of audio excellence, there's a pursuit for a sound so pure and powerful that it transcends the ordinary listening experience. The Denon PMA1700NE Integrated Amplifier with DAC and USB stands at the pinnacle of this quest. It's not just an amplifier; it's the heart of your home audio system, pumping life into every note, beat, and melody.

High-Fidelity Audio Reproduction

With meticulous engineering, the Denon PMA1700NE delivers an audio performance that's as flawless as it is thrilling. The amplifier's 70W per channel (at 8 ohms) or 140W per channel (at 4 ohms) power output is more than capable of driving an extensive range of speakers, allowing you to experience the full dynamic range of your favorite compositions without distortion.

  • Integrated Amplifier-DAC: Combines the warmth of analog with the precision of digital.
  • Power Output: 70W per channel at 8 Ohms, 140W per channel at 4 Ohms.
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 100 kHz, promising a wide sonic spectrum.

A Symphony of Features

The Denon PMA1700NE is a marvel of modern audio technology, featuring an array of functionalities that cater to audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

  • Advanced Ultra-High Current (UHC) Single Push-Pull Circuit: Ensures a balanced and detailed sound.
  • Advanced AL32 Processing Plus: Delivers ultra-high-resolution digital audio filtering and precision noise shaping that reveal extra detail and depth in your music.
  • MM/MC Phono Equalizer: Accommodates both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges, promising vinyl enthusiasts a sublime turntable experience.

Connectivity at Its Finest

Your audio setup requires flexibility, and the Denon PMA1700NE offers a suite of inputs and outputs to connect all your devices seamlessly.

  • Analog Inputs: Include 3 x RCA, a phono input with ground screw, and a Power Amp Direct input.
  • Digital Inputs: 2 x Optical TOSLINK, 1 x Digital Coaxial, and a USB Type-B DAC for high-resolution audio playback.
  • Speaker Outputs: 4 x Gold-Plated Binding Post Pairs ensure a secure and quality connection to your speakers.

The Art of Precision

The Denon PMA1700NE is not just about power; it's also about control. With tone controls for bass and treble, a damping factor of over 100, and a signal-to-noise ratio that's off the charts, you have complete mastery over your audio.

  • Tone Control: Fine-tune your audio with ±8.0 dB adjustment for both bass and treble.
  • Damping Factor: Greater than 100, ensuring tight control over speaker drivers for a more accurate reproduction of audio.

Build and Design

Dreamedia understands that a premium amplifier isn't just heard; it's also seen. The Denon PMA1700NE boasts a robust and elegant design that complements any room.

  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 5.3 x 16.1 inches.
  • Weight: A substantial 38.8 lb, indicative of the quality components housed within.

Special Functions

The Denon PMA1700NE is designed to blend into your lifestyle effortlessly, with special functions that enhance your listening experience.

  • HT Bypass (EXT.PRE): Integrate with your existing home theater system without compromising on stereo sound quality.
  • A/B Speaker Outputs: Connect and switch between two sets of speakers to suit your listening environment.
  • TV Auto-Play: Automatically power up the amplifier when your TV is turned on.
  • Auto-Standby: Conserve energy when the amplifier is not in use.
  • Headphone Output: Enjoy personal listening sessions without disturbing others.

The Denon Difference

With a legacy of over 100 years, Denon has been at the forefront of audio innovation. The PMA1700NE is a testament to this heritage, offering:

  • Extraordinary Sound Quality: With precision detail and an analytical and wide soundstage.
  • High-Resolution Audio Support: Including DSD playback, ensuring compatibility with the highest quality audio files.
  • Smooth Volume Control: For precise adjustments to your listening levels.

Peace of Mind

The Denon PMA1700NE comes with a three-year warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected. Sound United, LLC stands by the quality of their products, and Dreamedia is available to design your ultimate home theater system, with the PMA1700NE as a cornerstone.

Final Thoughts

The Denon PMA1700NE is more than just an amplifier; it's the embodiment of audio excellence, connectivity, and craftsmanship. With its comprehensive feature set and the promise of pure, powerful sound, this amplifier is ready to take center stage in your home audio system. Whether you're an audiophile or simply someone who appreciates great music, the PMA1700NE will elevate your listening to an art form. Contact Dreamedia today to begin your journey into exceptional sound.

Our Review


The Denon PMA1700NE Integrated Amplifier with DAC and USB enters the market as a formidable contender in the high-fidelity audio space. Designed for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts who crave pure, unadulterated sound, this amplifier promises to deliver an auditory experience that is as immersive as it is precise. In an era where digital convenience often trumps analog excellence, the PMA1700NE stands out by offering a blend of traditional audiophile features with a touch of modern digital connectivity.

Design and Build Quality

Denon's commitment to aesthetics and durability is evident in the PMA1700NE's design. The amplifier sports a sleek, minimalist exterior that should complement any home theater setup while its nearly 40 pounds of heft speak to its solid construction. The chassis and internal components are engineered for minimal vibration and maximum heat dissipation, ensuring that the unit not only looks good but is built to last.

The front panel boasts intuitively arranged physical controls and connection ports, allowing users to manage their audio experience with ease. The tactile feedback of the knobs and switches adds to the overall premium feel of the amplifier.

Features and Connectivity

The PMA1700NE offers an impressive array of analog and digital input options, including a phono input for turntables, line-level inputs, and a USB-DAC for high-resolution audio. Special functions like HT Bypass for integrating with a home theater system, A/B Speaker Outputs for multi-room setups, and TV Auto-Play enhance its versatility.

The inclusion of a USB-DAC is particularly noteworthy, supporting high-resolution audio playback and DSD files, which is a boon for audiophiles who demand the best digital audio quality. However, the lack of wireless connectivity features is a noticeable omission. The absence of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, or Chromecast means users will need to rely on wired connections or external streaming devices for their wireless audio needs.

Power and Performance

Boasting 70W per channel at 8 Ohms and doubling that at 4 Ohms, the PMA1700NE has ample power to drive a wide range of speakers. Its compatibility with various speaker types and impedances, including the ability to maintain stable performance with speakers dipping below 4 ohms, makes it a versatile choice for many setups.

The sound quality produced by the PMA1700NE is nothing short of extraordinary. The Advanced AL32 Processing Plus technology ensures a richly detailed sound, and the amplifier's transparent, analytical soundstage impresses with its depth and breadth. The sound reproduction is full of nuance, allowing listeners to hear every layer of their music.

User Experience

Setting up the Denon PMA1700NE is straightforward, and daily operation is user-friendly, thanks to its logical interface. The remote control's design, while functional, may not meet everyone's preferences, and some users might find the limited control of volume via the TV's remote a minor inconvenience.

The lack of modern streaming features might impact the overall usability for those who have moved away from physical media. However, for users whose primary concern is audio quality over convenience, the PMA1700NE's performance more than compensates for these missing elements.

Pros and Cons

- High power output compatible with a broad range of speakers
- Versatile analog and digital inputs, including USB-DAC support
- Robust build quality and premium design
- Exceptional sound quality with Advanced AL32 Processing
- Stable performance with low-impedance speakers

- No wireless connectivity for streaming
- Absence of Bluetooth and HEOS functionality
- Heavy and may generate excess heat

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to other amplifiers in its price range, the Denon PMA1700NE stands out with its sound quality and the inclusion of a high-quality DAC. While competitors might offer more in terms of connectivity, few can match the audio fidelity and build quality that Denon brings to the table.

Value Proposition

At $2099, the PMA1700NE is an investment in audio excellence. For those prioritizing sound over features like streaming and wireless connectivity, it offers significant value. The three-year warranty underscores Denon's confidence in the product's durability and performance.

Final Thoughts

The Denon PMA1700NE is a testament to the brand's legacy of producing high-quality audio equipment. It's a stellar choice for audiophiles who want a powerful, well-built amplifier capable of delivering exceptional sound. While it may not cater to the needs of those seeking a plethora of wireless features, its performance in its core function—audio reproduction—is undoubtedly impressive. The PMA1700NE is a solid choice for anyone looking to build or upgrade their home audio system with a focus on pure, high-fidelity sound.



  • Amplifier Type: Integrated
  • Channels: 2
  • Power Output (8 ohms): 70 W per channel (20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.07% THD)
  • Power Output (4 ohms): 140 W per channel (1 kHz, 0.7% THD)
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 100 kHz
  • THD: 0.01%
  • Speaker Impedance: 4 to 16 ohms
  • Tone Control (Bass): ±8.0 dB (100 Hz)
  • Tone Control (Treble): ±8.0 dB (10 kHz)
  • Damping Factor: > 100

Audio Processing

  • DAC: 384 kHz / 32-Bit (PCM1795)


  • Analog Inputs: 3 x RCA, 1 x Stereo RCA (Phono MC/MM) with Ground Screw, 1 x Stereo RCA Power Amp Direct
  • Digital Inputs: 2 x Optical TOSLINK, 1 x Digital Coaxial, 1 x USB Type-B DAC
  • Speaker Outputs: 4 x Gold-Plated Binding Post Pairs
  • Headphone Output: 1 x 1/4 inch (6.35 mm)
  • A/B Speaker Selection: Yes
  • Bi-Amp Capability: Yes
  • Input Sensitivity (Phono MM): 2.5 mV
  • Input Sensitivity (Phono MC): 200 mV
  • Input Sensitivity (Line): 125 mV
  • Input Sensitivity (Power Amp Direct): 0.85 V
  • Max Input Level (Phono MM): 130 mV (1 kHz)
  • Max Input Level (Phono MC): 10 mV (1 kHz)
  • Phono RIAA EQ Deviation: ±0.5 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (Phono MM): 89 dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (Phono MC): 74 dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (RCA): 107 dB

Wireless Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi: None
  • Bluetooth: None


  • AC Input Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption (Active): 295 W
  • Power Consumption (Auto Off): 0.2 W


  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 5.3 x 16.1 inches (434.0 x 135.0 x 410.0 mm)
  • Weight: 38.8 lb (17.6 kg)

Additional Features

  • Advanced Ultra-High Current Single Push-Pull Circuit Power: Yes
  • MM/MC Phono Equalizer: Yes
  • Advanced AL32 Processing Plus: Yes

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