Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators - Dreamedia AV

Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators

High-performance subwoofer with dual radiators

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Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators

Experience the Power of Deep Bass

Immerse yourself in the aural landscape of your favorite movies, music, and games with the Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer. Engineered to deliver a bass experience that fills the room, it's not just about hearing the sound—it's about feeling the pulse of every beat and the intensity of every scene.

A Symphony of Advanced Technology

  • Transducers: At the heart of this subwoofer lies a robust 12" long-throw woofer, designed to produce clean, precise bass.
  • Bass Radiators: Accompanying the main woofer are dual 12" 3XR™ Bass Radiators, enhancing the low-frequency response without the need for a larger enclosure.
  • Amplification: Powered by a high-efficiency Class H amplifier, this subwoofer boasts a staggering 1500 watts of peak power and 500 watts of continuous RMS, ensuring dynamic bass that can shake the foundations when necessary.

The Definitive Technology subwoofer is not just about raw power. It's about the smart application of that power to deliver an experience that is both thrilling and nuanced.

Design That Resonates

  • Dimensions: With a stature of 19-3/16 inches in height, 18-1/16 inches in width, and a depth of 20-1/8 inches, this subwoofer is a statement piece in any home theater setup.
  • Enclosure: The passive radiator design eliminates port noise, while the polypropylene composition of the woofer ensures durability and consistent performance.
  • Aesthetic: The 'Midnight Black' color scheme and sleek lines of the subwoofer allow it to blend seamlessly with your decor, providing a touch of elegance to your entertainment space.

Tailor Your Sound

  • Customization: With a frequency response ranging from 25Hz to 150Hz, a low-pass crossover frequency that's adjustable from 40Hz to 120Hz, and intelligent phase control, you have the power to tailor the bass to your liking.
  • Controls: Easy-to-use controls, including a main power on/off switch, volume control, and phase toggle, offer a user-friendly interface for customizing your listening experience.

Seamless Integration

  • Inputs: Whether you're connecting via LFE single RCA or the left/right 5-way binding posts, this subwoofer is ready to integrate smoothly with your existing audio system.
  • Power Supply: An internal power supply with an IEC 3 prong jack and a voltage switch ensures compatibility with both 120V and 240V outlets, making this subwoofer a global companion.

Smart Features for the Discerning Listener

  • Remote Control: Adjust settings conveniently from your seat with the included remote control.
  • 3XR Architecture: This subwoofer's architecture is designed to maximize bass output and minimize distortion, giving you the best possible performance.
  • Intelligent Phase Control: With this feature, you can optimize the subwoofer's phase relationship with the rest of your audio system, ensuring cohesive sound reproduction.

Versatility and Performance

  • EQ Modes: The 'Flat Mode' EQ setting provides balanced performance, allowing the natural character of your audio to shine through.
  • Crossover: The precise crossover ensures that your subwoofer only handles frequencies that it's best equipped to reproduce, blending perfectly with your other speakers.

The Dreamedia Advantage

At Dreamedia, we understand that setting up the perfect home theater system can be daunting. That's why we're here to help design a system that's tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that the Definitive Technology subwoofer becomes the heartbeat of your entertainment experience.

Embrace the Impact

The Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer is not just about adding a product to your home theater—it's about upgrading your entire audio experience. Here's why:

  • Powerful Performance: With 500W of continuous power and an impressive 1500W peak, this subwoofer delivers bass that's both deep and precise.
  • Dual Bass Radiators: The innovative design allows for a deeper, fuller bass without the need for a larger footprint.
  • Customizable Sound: With flexible controls and adjustments, you can shape the sound to match your preferences and the acoustics of your room.
  • Global Compatibility: Whether you're in North America, Europe, or anywhere else, the internal power supply is ready to handle your local voltage with ease.
  • Connectivity: Versatile input options ensure this subwoofer can become an integral part of any high-end audio system.

Overcome Objections with Confidence

  • Worried about space? Despite its powerful output, the subwoofer's intelligent design means it doesn't command unnecessary room.
  • Concerned about complexity? The user-friendly interface and remote control make it simple to adjust settings to your liking.

Easy to Read, Easy to Love

Understanding your subwoofer's features and capabilities shouldn't require a degree in sound engineering. That's why we've laid out all the information you need in a clear and accessible format:

  • Detailed Specs: All the technical details are presented in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Clear Instructions: From setup to customization, you'll find straightforward guidance every step of the way.

The Heart of Your Home Theater

When you choose the Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer, you're not just buying a piece of equipment—you're investing in a cornerstone for your home theater. It's the component that can make the difference between a good setup and a great one. With Dreamedia's expertise, we can ensure that this subwoofer is perfectly integrated into your system for optimal performance.

Elevate your home entertainment to new heights. Feel the power of deep, resonant bass. Experience the Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer today.

Our Review

Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators Review


The quest for the perfect home theater experience often leads us to the pivotal role of bass in enveloping us within cinematic worlds or the pulsating heart of music. Enter the Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators, a device promising to redefine the low-frequency landscape of home audio systems. Let's delve into its capabilities and see how it stands up in the crowded subwoofer market.

Design and Build


At first glance, the Definitive Technology subwoofer, available in Glacier White & Midnight Black, exudes a minimalist charm that can either blend in subtly or stand out as a modern piece of tech décor. The colors are classic and should fit most interior designs, though some may yearn for more variety. Its dimensions of 12.8” x 12.0” x 13.1” make it a substantial presence in a room, hinting at its robust performance capabilities.

Construction Quality

The build quality of this subwoofer feels premium, with high-grade materials that suggest a focus on durability. The heft of the unit reassures users that this isn't a lightweight contender, but rather a solid piece of audio engineering designed to withstand the test of time and the intensity of its own output.


Sound Technology

The heart of this subwoofer is its 8” long-throw woofer, which is complemented by the dual 8” 3XR™ Configuration bass radiators. The bass radiator design serves to enhance the low-frequency response without the need for a larger enclosure or additional power consumption. This technology is a strategic choice for achieving deeper bass in a relatively compact form factor.

Amplification and Power

The inclusion of a Class D amplifier is a nod to efficiency, supplying a hefty 500W peak power and a solid 200W continuous RMS. This power allows the subwoofer to deliver a dynamic range of bass that can shake the room during action-packed scenes or resonate with the subtle nuances of stand-up bass in jazz tracks.

Connectivity and Controls

Connectivity is versatile, with inputs catering to LFE Single RCA and Speaker Left/Right 5-way binding posts, making it a breeze to integrate with various audio setups. The control suite is comprehensive, allowing for granular adjustments to volume, low pass filters, and phase settings. These controls empower users to tailor the subwoofer's output to their specific acoustic environment and personal taste.

Additional Functionality

With an internal power supply that toggles between 120V and 240V, this subwoofer is ready for international use. The RGB LED is a nice touch, providing visual feedback on the subwoofer's status—a small but appreciated detail in a user-centered design.


Audio Quality

The frequency response range of 35 Hz to 200 Hz is impressive, ensuring that the subwoofer captures the full spectrum of bass tones. The ability to adjust the low pass crossover frequency from 60 Hz to 120 Hz allows users to seamlessly blend the subwoofer's output with their satellite speakers, creating a cohesive and balanced soundstage.

Bass Performance

In testing, the bass delivered by the dual radiators is nothing short of impactful. Whether it's the subtle rumble of an onscreen thunderstorm or the full-on assault of an action movie's climax, the subwoofer handles it with aplomb. Room size does play a role in the perceived impact of the bass, but thanks to the flexible controls, it's relatively easy to optimize the experience whether in a cozy den or a spacious living room.

Customization and Flexibility

The phase adjustment feature is a boon for audiophiles looking to synchronize the subwoofer's output with their main speakers, avoiding any bass cancellation issues. This level of customization is a testament to the subwoofer's design philosophy, which places user experience at the forefront.

Integration and Setup

Ease of Integration

This subwoofer plays well with others, making it a team player in the home theater ecosystem. Whether paired with satellite speakers from Definitive Technology or another brand, the subwoofer's performance remains consistent and reliable.

Setup Process

Setting up the subwoofer is straightforward. From unboxing to the first test tones, users can expect a frictionless experience. While the subwoofer's size may require some planning for optimal placement, once situated, the tuning process is intuitive thanks to the clearly labeled controls and comprehensive manual.

Pros and Cons Recap

The Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer is a powerhouse, offering a 500W peak and 200W continuous RMS for a deep and impactful bass experience. Its dual bass radiators and array of controls provide a level of customization that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. The international power supply and varied input options ensure it's a fit for many systems worldwide. However, its size might be cumbersome for smaller spaces, and the lack of wireless connectivity could be a downside for those seeking a minimalist setup. Additionally, the limited color options may not please everyone.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive landscape of home theater subwoofers, the Definitive Technology Ultra-Performance Subwoofer with Dual Bass Radiators stands out for its robust performance, customizable sound, and solid build. It's a product that demands consideration from anyone serious about their home audio experience. While it may not be the perfect fit for every scenario, particularly in smaller rooms or for those desiring wireless options, its strengths make it a compelling choice for users seeking deep, room-filling bass and the ability to fine-tune their audio landscape.



  • Colors: Midnight Black
  • Transducers: 12" Long-Throw Woofer
  • Passive Radiators: Dual 12" 3XR™ Bass Radiators
  • Bass Type: Bass Radiator
  • Feet: Permanently Installed Feet with Rubber Pad


  • Height (inches): 19-3/16
  • Width (inches): 18-1/16
  • Depth (inches): 20-1/8
  • Weight (pounds): 73.1


  • Amplifier Type: Class H
  • Peak Power (watts): 1500
  • Continuous Power (RMS) (watts): 500
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 25-150
  • Low-Pass Crossover Freq (Hz): 40-120
  • Phase Adjustment (degrees): -135 to 180 (In 45 degree increments)

Power Supply

  • Type: Internal
  • Connection: IEC 3 prong Jack
  • Voltage Switch: 120V/240V
  • Europe Compliance (<.5W): Yes


  • LFE: Single RCA
  • Speaker Level: Left/Right 5-way binding posts


  • Main Power: On/Off
  • Volume Control: +/-/ Mute Buttons
  • Low Pass Control: +/- Buttons
  • Phase Control: Toggle Button
  • Status Indicator: RGB LED


  • 3XR Architecture: Yes
  • Intelligent Phase Control: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Custom Integration Ready: Yes


  • Type: Passive Radiator
  • Video Shielded: No
  • Woofer Composition: Polypropylene
  • Firing Direction: Front
  • Wireless: No