Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player

High-resolution audio streaming with premium connectivity

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Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player

Elevate Your Audio Experience

In the world of high-fidelity audio, the Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player emerges as a beacon of sonic excellence, designed to transform your music listening into an event that rivals a live performance. With the CXN100, you're not just playing music; you're experiencing it in its most pristine and exhilarating form.

Precision Engineered for Audiophiles

Crafted with an eye for detail, the CXN100's sleek lunar grey chassis is a statement of sophistication that speaks volumes about the quality within. The aluminum and steel build exudes a sense of durability and class, ensuring that this network player not only sounds exceptional but also adds an element of elegance to your home theater setup.

A Display that Dazzles

The high-resolution color screen is your window into a world of musical details. With a generous size and crisp resolution, the display allows you to interact with your music library and streaming services with ease and clarity, ensuring that control is always at your fingertips.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

At the heart of the CXN100 lies the ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC, a marvel that converts digital files into analog sound with astonishing accuracy. Whether it's PCM files up to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD512, or MQA-encoded tracks, the CXN100 handles them all natively, promising a level of detail and dynamic range that will breathe new life into your music.

Seamless Connectivity

The CXN100 is a nexus of connectivity options, designed to cater to all your audio sources and preferences:

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi: Stream with confidence whether you're wired or wireless.
  • USB Audio Input: Directly connect your digital sources for impeccable sound.
  • Digital Audio Inputs: Choose from USB Drive, Bluetooth 5.1, S/PDIF Coaxial, or TOSLINK Optical.
  • Analog and Digital Audio Outputs: Flexible options including Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA.

Streaming Services at Your Command

Access an entire universe of music through the integrated streaming services:

  • Internet Radio: Discover global stations and niche broadcasts.
  • Spotify Connect: Seamlessly stream your Spotify playlists.
  • Tidal Connect: Experience master-quality audio with Tidal.
  • Qobuz, Deezer, and more: Enjoy high-resolution music from a variety of platforms.
  • Roon Ready: Integrate into the Roon ecosystem for a rich, informative listening experience.

Broad Compatibility with Audio Formats

From ALAC to WAV, FLAC to DSD, and beyond, the CXN100 speaks the language of all your audio files, ensuring that no matter the format, your music is played back with the respect it deserves.

Power and Control

Despite its powerful performance, the CXN100 remains energy efficient with its eco-friendly standby modes. The StreamMagic control app puts the power of the CXN100 in the palm of your hand, while remote firmware upgrades keep your player at the forefront of technology.

Additional Features for the Modern Listener

The CXN100's StreamMagic Module Gen 4 reflects Cambridge Audio's commitment to continuous improvement, providing a user experience that is always fresh and up-to-date.

What's in the Box

Your CXN100 comes with everything you need to start enjoying high-resolution audio right out of the box:

  • CXN100 Network Player
  • Mains lead
  • Control bus cable
  • Antennas (x2)
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety sheet
  • Registration card

Pricing and Availability

The Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player is available for purchase at the following prices:

  • GBP: 899
  • USD: 1049
  • EUR: 1049
  • AUD: 1899

Key Specifications at a Glance

  • Max Resolution: Up to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD512, MQA
  • Streaming Features: UPnP, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Internet radio, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Roon Ready
  • Network: Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Inputs: USB type A, USB type B, optical, coaxial
  • Outputs: Optical, coaxial, balanced XLR, RCA
  • DAC: ESS Sabre ES9028Q2M
  • Bluetooth: Version 5.1 with SBC and AAC codecs

The Dreamedia Touch

At Dreamedia, we understand that setting up the perfect home theater system is about more than just plugging in a device. It's about crafting an environment where technology meets artistry. Our team is ready to design a home theater system that incorporates the Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player, ensuring that it performs harmoniously with your other components for an unmatched audio experience.

A Symphony of Sound

The Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player is not just a device; it's the conductor of your personal symphony, orchestrating every note with precision and emotion. Its expansive soundstage, transient speed, and rhythmic expression bring forth music that's not only heard but felt. The even-handed and detailed sound reproduction ensures that every genre, from classical to rock, is delivered with fidelity and passion.

In Summary

The CXN100 is a testament to Cambridge Audio's dedication to audiophile-grade sound quality and innovation. With its comprehensive connectivity, streaming capabilities, and ability to handle high-resolution audio files with ease, this network player stands as a paragon of performance and value in the digital audio realm. Join the ranks of discerning listeners who have elevated their audio experience with the Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player.

At Dreamedia, we're here to help you integrate this exceptional piece of technology into your life. Contact us today, and let's begin the journey toward auditory bliss.

Our Review

Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player Review


Cambridge Audio has long been synonymous with high-fidelity audio products that blend serious performance with British sophistication. The CXN100 Network Player is the latest offering aimed at the modern audiophile who demands seamless integration between high-resolution streaming and traditional playback systems. In an era where streaming is king, the CXN100 seeks to bridge the gap between the convenience of digital music and the high-quality sound that Cambridge Audio is known for.


The CXN100's design is a testament to Cambridge Audio's commitment to elegance and quality. The sleek, lunar grey finish exudes a contemporary charm that will complement any home theater setup. The chassis, which is both sturdy and visually appealing, houses a range of connectivity options, including USB, optical, coaxial, and balanced XLR outputs.

Build and Finish

Crafted with precision, the CXN100 features a solid build that speaks to its durability. The lunar grey finish gives it a touch of class that stands out from the typical black boxes that dominate the market. The quality of materials used ensures that this network player not only looks good but is built to last.

Display and Interface

The front of the CXN100 boasts a larger display than its predecessors, offering clear visibility across the room. The user interface is intuitive, providing a straightforward navigation experience that allows users to access their favorite music with ease. The lack of a front USB port, however, might be a slight inconvenience for some.


The Cambridge Audio CXN100 is a powerhouse when it comes to features. It supports an impressive range of streaming services and file formats, ensuring that users can enjoy their music in the highest possible quality.

Streaming Services and Connectivity

With support for UPnP, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and more, the CXN100 offers a comprehensive suite of streaming options. Whether it's playing music from a local server or streaming from popular services like Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect, this network player has you covered. For those who prefer a wired connection, Ethernet and Wi-Fi are both available, offering flexibility for any home network setup.

File Compatibility and Resolution

The CXN100 handles an extensive range of file formats, including 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512, and is MQA capable, which is a boon for audiophiles who demand the best from their digital music. The inclusion of the ESS Sabre ES9028Q2M DAC ensures that your high-resolution files are processed with the utmost precision, delivering a sound that is as close to the original recording as possible.

Additional Functionalities

The lack of a remote control in the box is a notable omission that may disappoint some users. Additionally, while the Bluetooth 5.1 with SBC and AAC codecs provides a solid wireless connection, the absence of support for higher-quality codecs could be a limitation for those seeking the best wireless audio quality. The absence of MQA support for Tidal Master quality streaming is another point that may sway the opinions of some audiophiles.


The CXN100 shines in its performance, delivering an audio experience that is both immersive and true to the source.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the CXN100 is nothing short of impressive. The clarity, openness, and precision of the audio are evident from the first note. The soundstage is broad and controlled, providing a believable spatial representation of the music. The detail and dynamic range are improved from previous models, allowing for a more engaging listening experience. However, the leaner presentation may lack the warmth and solidity that some users prefer.

File Handling and Conversion

The network player handles various file resolutions with ease, and the conversion process is handled efficiently, ensuring that there is no loss in audio quality. The transient speed and rhythmic expression are unarguable, showcasing the CXN100's ability to handle complex musical passages with agility.

User Experience

Setting up the CXN100 is straightforward, and its daily operation is reliable. The control app is a highlight, offering a user-friendly interface and responsive performance.

Setup and Operation

The initial setup process is simple and intuitive, allowing users to get their system up and running in no time. The daily operation is equally hassle-free, thanks to the well-designed user interface and the responsive app.

Control App

The control app is a well-thought-out addition to the CXN100, providing users with an easy way to manage their music and settings. The app is responsive, and any software issues are minimal, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Comparison with Previous Model

The CXN100 brings several improvements over its predecessors, particularly in terms of design and performance.

Design and Ergonomics

The larger display is a welcome improvement, making it easier to view track information from a distance. However, the control/volume dial has a looser feel compared to the previous model, which may not be to everyone's liking.

Performance Enhancements

In terms of sound quality, the CXN100 takes a step forward with its enhanced detail and dynamic range. The sound is even-handed and detailed, providing a listening experience that is both satisfying and true to the music.

Final Thoughts

The Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player is a formidable contender in the streaming market, offering an array of features that cater to both casual listeners and audiophiles. Its sleek design, comprehensive connectivity options, and superior sound quality make it a strong choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home audio system. While it has its drawbacks, such as the absence of a remote control and limited Bluetooth codec support, the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses.

With its competitive pricing, the CXN100 represents a solid investment for those seeking high-fidelity audio in a modern, feature-rich package. Its performance and user experience are likely to impress, making it a recommended purchase for those in the market for a network player that can handle the demands of high-resolution audio streaming.



  • Product Name: Cambridge Audio CXN100 Network Player
  • Effective Date: December 13, 2023

Design and Build

  • Dimensions: 430 x 85 x 305mm (16.9 x 3.4 x 12.2 inches)
  • Weight: 3.55Kg (7.83lbs)
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum and steel
  • Color: Lunar grey


  • Screen Type: Hi-Res Color Screen
  • Screen Size: 110.4 x 49.5 mm
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 574


  • DAC: ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC
  • Number Of Channels: 2 (Stereo)
  • PCM Native Playback: Up to 32-bit 768kHz
  • DSD Playback: DSD512
  • MQA Support: Yes
  • THD in Stereo: Not specified


  • Ethernet: 10/100Mbit
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
  • USB Audio Input: USB Type B conforms to USB Audio 2.0
  • Digital Audio Inputs: USB Drive, Bluetooth (5.1), S/PDIF Coaxial, TOSLINK Optical