Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver

British stereo receiver with 100W output and connectivity

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Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver

Unleash the Power of Premium Audio with Cambridge Audio AXR100

Imagine a sound so clear and powerful it can fill every corner of your room with a warm and enveloping musical experience. The Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver is designed to be the heart of your audio system, connecting you to your favorite music in a way that stirs the soul and ignites the senses.

British Engineering at Its Finest

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the AXR100 is a testament to British design and engineering. This receiver boasts a sleek, lunar grey fascia complemented by a black steel cabinet and a ‘floating’ base, creating an understated yet sophisticated presence in any home theater setup.

Amplify Your Audio Experience

  • Powerful Performance: With 100 watts per channel, the AXR100 has the muscle to drive your speakers to their full potential, allowing you to experience audio as it was meant to be heard.
  • Pristine Sound Quality: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is kept exceptionally low, ensuring that the sound you hear is clean, clear, and true to the original recording.
  • Wide Frequency Response: A frequency response from 5Hz to 50kHz means that every note, from the deep rumble of a bass guitar to the highest soprano, is reproduced with clarity and precision.

Connectivity at Your Fingertips

The AXR100 doesn't just sound good; it's also a marvel of connectivity, designed for the modern audiophile who wants options.

  • Bluetooth Streaming: Easily pair your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth 5.0 and enjoy your favorite playlists with convenience and without the clutter of wires.
  • Digital Inputs: Connect digital sources directly to the receiver's built-in DAC via S/PDIF coaxial or TOSlink optical inputs, ensuring high-resolution audio playback.
  • Phono Stage: Vinyl enthusiasts will appreciate the integrated phono stage, compatible with moving magnet turntables, bringing the warmth of vinyl to life.
  • Multiple Speaker Outputs: With two sets of speaker outputs, you can set up a 'Speaker A/B' system for multi-room listening or for better sound coverage in larger spaces.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Ease of use is at the heart of the AXR100's design. The front panel display is clear and informative, providing all the necessary information at a glance. The simple interface, with its tactile button inputs, makes navigating your audio experience a breeze.

Built-In Features for the Audio Purist

  • DAC: The onboard digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ensures that digital sources are converted with precision, delivering a sound that's true to the original recording.
  • Phono Stage: The built-in phono stage means you can connect your turntable directly to the receiver, enjoying your vinyl collection with ease and convenience.
  • Tuner with Preset Buttons: With the ability to program up to 40 favorite stations, the built-in AM/FM tuner with RDS is perfect for those who love the radio.

A Design That Speaks Volumes

The weighty, metal construction of the AXR100 not only gives it a premium feel but also contributes to its acoustic performance. The solid build quality minimizes vibration, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of your music.

The Sound of Excellence

Whether you're listening to a delicate string quartet or a powerful rock anthem, the AXR100 delivers a sound that is both clean and warm. This receiver is as versatile as it is powerful, adept at handling various music genres with finesse.

More than Just a Receiver

The AXR100 is more than just a stereo receiver; it's a central hub for all your audio needs.

  • Multiple Inputs: With inputs for phono, Bluetooth, optical, and more, you can easily connect all your audio sources.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Wireless streaming is a breeze with Bluetooth, making it easy to play music from your mobile devices.
  • Multiple Speaker Outputs: The A/B speaker setup allows for flexible speaker configurations, perfect for customizing your listening experience.

Pros that Make a Difference

When choosing a stereo receiver, it's the little things that can make a big difference.

  • Versatile Connectivity: With multiple inputs and outputs, the AXR100 can handle just about any audio source you throw at it.
  • Turntable Ready: The built-in phono stage makes it easy to connect your turntable and enjoy your vinyl collection.
  • Room-Filling Power: With ample power output, this receiver can control the sound in various room sizes, ensuring your music always sounds its best.
  • Quality Build: The solid build quality and weighty construction speak to the durability and premium nature of the AXR100.
  • Crystal Clear Tuner: Enjoy your favorite radio stations with clear and precise reception.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to enjoy great sound.

Your Sound, Your Way

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of a personalized home theater experience. The Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver is an outstanding choice for those looking to elevate their audio experience. With its combination of power, precision, and versatility, it's sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles. And when you're ready to take your home theater to the next level, Dreamedia is here to help design a system that's perfect for you.

Our Review

Cambridge Audio AXR100 FM/AM Stereo Receiver Review


The Cambridge Audio AXR100 represents a fine blend of traditional audio engineering and modern connectivity. As a stalwart in the home audio industry, Cambridge Audio has a reputation for creating products that deliver a high-fidelity listening experience. The AXR100, with its substantial power output and array of features, is designed to be the centerpiece of a home audio setup. At first glance, the unit exudes a sense of purpose and quality that is characteristic of the brand.

Design and Build Quality

British Design Aesthetics

The AXR100 sports a design that is quintessentially British; it's understated yet elegant. The clean lines and minimalist front panel lend it a timeless appeal that will complement any living space. The simplicity of the design belies the complexity of its inner workings, creating a piece of technology that is as much a statement of taste as it is a functional device.

Weighty, Metal Construction

Upon handling the unit, one immediately notices the heft and solid feel of the metal construction. This not only contributes to the receiver's durability but also to its acoustic properties. A rigid chassis reduces vibrations, which can color and distort the audio signal, ensuring that the sound remains pure and unadulterated.


Connectivity Options

The AXR100 shines in its capacity to serve as a hub for various audio sources. The inclusion of a phono input is a nod to vinyl enthusiasts and allows for easy integration of a turntable. Additionally, the presence of Bluetooth and an optical input means that the receiver can effortlessly transition between analog and digital realms. The option to connect multiple sets of speakers through A/B outputs is a boon for those wishing to extend their listening experience to another room or zone without compromising on control.

Built-in Components

The built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) ensures that digital sources are handled with the care they deserve, translating binary precision into analog warmth. The phono stage is well-implemented, allowing turntables to be connected directly without the need for an external preamp. Additionally, the tuner with preset buttons is a feature that, while it may seem archaic in the age of streaming, offers an element of tactile satisfaction and practicality for those who enjoy local radio.

Bluetooth Functionality

Bluetooth connectivity is almost a given in modern audio equipment, and the AXR100 includes this feature. The convenience of wireless streaming from a smartphone or tablet cannot be overstated, although the range and integration with devices can be a sticking point for some users.


Sound Quality

Cambridge Audio has a heritage of producing equipment with a warm and detailed sound signature, and the AXR100 upholds this tradition. The receiver delivers a sound that is both clean and clear, with a warmth that makes long listening sessions enjoyable. Whether it's the subtleties of a classical piece or the driving beat of electronic music, the AXR100 handles it with aplomb.

Power Output

With 100 watts per channel, the AXR100 packs enough punch to fill even large rooms with sound. This power ensures that the receiver can drive a wide range of speakers, from compact bookshelf models to more demanding floor-standers, with authority and control.

Tuner Reception

The FM/AM tuner is a feature that, while not as widely used as it once was, is still appreciated by many. The AXR100's tuner is capable of pulling in stations with clarity and locking them in without the drift that plagues lesser receivers. The preset buttons allow for quick access to favorite stations, a simple pleasure in a world of algorithm-driven content.

User Experience

Interface Usability

The front panel of the AXR100 is intuitively laid out, with buttons that provide direct access to functions without the need to navigate through complex menus. The display is clear and informative, providing feedback on the selected input, volume level, and tuning frequency.

Remote Control Functionality

While the receiver itself is a testament to user-friendly design, the remote control falls short. Users have reported difficulty reading the labels on the buttons, and the overall functionality of the remote can be finicky. This can detract from the user experience, particularly for those who prefer to control their audio from a distance.

Sound Customization

The tone controls on the AXR100 allow for basic adjustments to the bass and treble, but some users may find these options limited. While the sound out of the box is generally well-balanced, those who like to fine-tune their audio to specific preferences might feel constrained.

Pros and Cons Recap

The Cambridge Audio AXR100 is a strong contender in the stereo receiver market, with a sound quality that appeals across genres, versatile connectivity options, and the power to control a range of speaker setups. The solid build quality and British design add to its allure. However, the limitations in the remote control's design and functionality, the Bluetooth range, and the extent of sound customization are areas where the unit may not meet everyone's expectations.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of stereo receivers, the Cambridge Audio AXR100 stands out for its excellent sound quality, robust build, and thoughtful feature set. It competes favorably with products in its price range, offering a compelling value proposition. It's particularly well-suited for audio enthusiasts who value simplicity, a strong power output, and the tactile experience of physical media. However, for those who prioritize extensive sound shaping or seamless remote control integration, it may be worth considering other options. In the end, the AXR100 is a testament to Cambridge Audio's commitment to high-fidelity sound and serves as a fine choice for anyone looking to elevate their home audio experience.



  • Power Output (Per Channel): 100 watts
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.01% @ 1kHz, 80% of rated power; <0.15% 20Hz - 20kHz, 80% of rated power
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 50kHz (-1dB)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N Ratio): >82dB (unweighted)
  • Input Impedances: 47k ohms
  • Power Amp Damping Factor: >50
  • Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W
  • Max. Power Consumption: 550W
  • Bass/Treble Controls: Shelving, ultimate boost/cut +/- 10dB @ 100Hz and 20kHz


  • Bluetooth: 5.0 A2DP/AVRCP supporting SBC
  • Digital Inputs: PCM 16-24-bit S/P DIF Co-axial 32-192kHz, TOSlink Optical 32-192kHz
  • Analogue Inputs: 3 pairs of analogue RCA inputs
  • Subwoofer Output: 200Hz 2nd order L+R Level follows volume setting
  • Speaker Outputs: Two sets of speaker outputs
  • Phono Stage: Integrated, compatible with moving magnet turntables


  • Built-in Radio Tuner: AM/FM
  • Tuner Bands: European AM (522-1629kHz), FM (87.5-108MHz); US AM (530-1710kHz), FM (87.5-108MHz)
  • Aerial Inputs: FM 75 ohms, Coaxial; AM 300 ohms wire loop/single wire
  • Signal to Noise (Tuner): 60dB typical (FM)
  • Distortion (Tuner): <0.4% @ 1kHz 50kHz deviation (FM mono); <0.6% @ 1kHz 50kHz deviation (FM stereo)
  • Station Presets: Ability to program up to 40 favorite stations

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 110 x 430 x 340mm (4.3 x 16.9 x 13.4”)
  • Weight: 8.1kg (17.8lbs)

In the Box

  • Main Unit: AXR100 Stereo Receiver
  • Accessories: Power Cable, Remote Control, 2 x AAA Batteries, FM Antenna, AM Antenna

Additional Features

  • Design Series: Part of the AX Series
  • RDS: Yes
  • Speaker Binding Posts: Hi-fi quality for 2 sets of speakers
  • Cabinet Design: Lunar Grey minimalist fascia with a black steel cabinet and ‘floating’ base

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