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The Importance of Having a Screen for an Ultra Short Throw Projector

Written by Kellen Fleener

April 29, 2021

You just got your brand new ultra short throw projector. You have been shining it on the wall for weeks and are wondering if a screen is really worth it. From my experience, an ultra short throw projector should never be purchased without one. 

I have the Samsung LSP9T UST and previously used it shining onto the wall. It looked great, but there were issues. It showed any major/minor flaw in the drywall, I was limited to viewing only in the night time, colors were less vibrant and overall picture quality seemed unfocused. 

Solo Short Throw


Enter the Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro UST screen. The screen arrived unassembled but was easy to put together. Once I had everything lined up, it unlocked a side of the ultra short throw projector I had never seen. The colors were more vibrant, the contrast was more rich, and the edge to edge focus was tack sharp. The screen really made the Samsung Premier UST perform at its full potential. I was now not bound to enjoying this projector at night, because of the screen’s ambient light rejecting properties, you can enjoy a very acceptable quality in any setting. 

Short Throw Screen

This particular screen from SI actually absorbs any down-lighting in the room allowing you to enjoy phenomenal picture quality in the daytime or with the lights on and makes it the best big screen replacement for any living room.

Now spending time with the screen and projector, I have realized that it is a necessity to have a screen while having an UST projector. The picture is more consistent, and takes any flaw out of the equation. There are multiple options on screens, so make sure you choose the right one for your projector!

If you have any questions on which screen would work best for you, please feel free to contact a sales consultant with Dreamedia AV and we will look forward to helping you!

-Kellen Fleener 

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