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Smart Home

Times are changing and technology is advancing.

Now you can too.

Think about what would make your life a little easier. For me, it was being able to “use the force” to turn the lights off from bed when I’m stuck under a napping one-year old. Fortunately, lighting is a super-easy entry point into the smart home realm. All it took to achieve my dream of lights out with zero toddler displacement was a relatively inexpensive bulb with app control.

As technology advances, the amount of fun toys you can add to your home grows. And if you’re a tech nerd like us, you probably are geeking out over it. There are so many ways to make our homes safer, more efficient, and more fun. We can now lock our doors, control our lights, and talk to our dogs even when we are miles from home.

If you’re overwhelmed by how many opportunities there are to smarten up your home with app and voice-controlled devices, we can help you find the perfect gear for your budget.

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