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Parasound Halo JC 2 BP

2-channel preamplifier with bypass

Key Features

  • 6 pairs unbalanced RCA line-level audio input jacks
  • 2 input pairs can be switched to XLR balanced connectors
  • Independent balanced/unbalanced select for the L & R channel
  • Each channel’s input is switched by its own gold-on-silver contact relay





The JC 2 BP is a home theater bypass that enables seamless blending into a digital surround system.  The JC 2 BP allows one to bypass the master volume control, and let the left and right channel gain controls. Fixed resistors set the signal level at its output jacks for “unity gain.” This means the signal level at the JC 2 BP output jacks is exactly the same as the signal level at its input jacks so you won’t need to re-calibrate the speaker levels in your surround system. The adaptability of the JC 2 BP bypass function also let you operate with both its unbalanced and its balanced inputs and outputs.

  • Unparalleled circuit design and topology:   The JC 2 BP model is unparalleled as it uses the exact same circuit design and topology of the JC2 pre-amplifier, meaning that it has only the best quality of components internally to ensure the purest of reproduction. 
  • Superd connectivity and integration features:  The JC2 BP has six pairs unbalanced RCA line-level audio input jacks - plus two input pairs can be switched to XLR balanced connectors, four 12v trigger output jacks feature for power amp auto turn-on, and the unit also boasts a  great higher end integration feature - a dedicated two-way RS-232 serial port connection.
  • Bridging the multi-channel and two channel divide:  The JC2 BP is the best option for any dedicated project that wants to bridge the multi-channel and two channel divide, without compromising sonic performance.
  • Seamless transition between analogue stereo and digital surround:  When you want to watch movies with digital surround, you can simply toggle the appropriate command  and the left and right front channel signals from your surround processor or receiver will pass through the JC 2 BP as if it wasn’t even there. The JC2 BP enables anyone to enjoy the best of both worlds with perfect analogue stereo and a seamless transition to digital surround.

Product Highlights

  • Home theater bypass enables seamless blending into a digital surround system
  • Home theater bypass functions with both unbalanced & balanced inputs and outputs
  • Bypass remains selected after unit has been turned off
  • Improved remote control is included with the bypass assignment keys
  • Specifications and sonic performance are 100% the same as the original JC 2
  • 6 pairs unbalanced RCA line-level audio input jacks
  • Independent balanced/unbalanced select for the L & R channel
  • 4 output jack pairs with specialized functions
  • Dual-mono left & right channel circuit boards minimize crosstalk
  • Hand-matched complementary FETs
  • Direct DC servo-coupled, no capacitors in the signal path
  • Premium 4-gang motor-driven analog master volume control
  • Separate TKD brand analog gain controls for L & R channel
  • 3/8" thick aluminum shielding around audio boards
  • Aluminum chassis rear panel
  • Remote control polarity switching uses gold-on-silver contact relays
  • High capacity R-core audio power transformer & inductor
  • Hyper-fast soft recovery audio bridge rectifiers diodes
  • Independent power supply for controller, relay coils, triggers, LEDs
  • Remote control handset controls all functions
  • Discrete IR codes for remote control
  • Four 12v trigger output jacks for power amp auto turn-on
  • Two-way RS-232 serial port connection

Dimensions and Warranty

  • 17 1/4"  W  x  16"  D  x   5 7/8" H (with feet) /   5 1/4"  H (without feet)
  • Weight:  24 lbs. 
  • Warranty: 5 years 
  • Our 30-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR #

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