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MONO Cherry MEGAschino MK2

High performance home audio amplifier

Key Features

  • Muscular and graceful ultra-high sound quality
  • MEGAschino channel boards are capable of comfortably driving 1000W into 4Ω and up to 2000W into 2Ω
  • Response down to 0Hz and NO BASS PHASE SHIFT





The Cherry MEGAschino is an extremely high performance home audio amplifier. The MEGAschino is like the well-regarded Maraschino with even more extended bandwidth and massive added headroom. The MK2 has improved power efficiency and reduced low power THD+N from 0.005% to 0.001%. These amplifiers are built with patented and proprietary circuits designed by Digital Amplifier Company. The entire product is designed around the circuits with even the hardware being designed from scratch down to the smallest components. This elegant and luxurious sounding amplifier is capable of driving just about any speaker you can add to it.

Product Highlights

  • DC coupling end-to-end | response down to 0Hz and no bass shift
  • Low output impedance across the entire audio band measured at 100Hz, 1kHz, and 10kHz
  • Optimized for SONICS above all else
  • Black background, micro-dynamics, uncolored
  • MEGAschino channel boards are capable of comfortably driving 1000W into 4Ω and up to 2000W into 2Ω
  • Peak power is 1000Wpc
  • Extended bandwidth up to 150kHz
  • Patented and proprietary circuitry designed in-house
  • 30-years of Class-D amplifier design
  • Auto Sleep: Amp sleeps after 8 minutes of no audio and wakes up when audio returns
  • Enclosure: Heavy Gauge Steel in Black, Red or Black Faceplate (looks like Classic Cherry)
  • Massive Linear Transformer (separate channel rails with stereo version)
  • Remote trigger: 2.5mm DC jack, 3V-12V
  • Muscular and graceful ultra-high sound quality

Dimensions and Warranty

  • Dimensions: 17” W x 14.3” D x 4.6” H
  • Weight: 30-40 lbs (depending on version)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Our 30-day money-back guarantee

Additional information


Cherry, Digital Amplifier Company

Amplifier Type

Power amplifiers





Power Stage Efficiency


Output Impedance

<0.04Ω at 1kHz, <0.08Ω at 10kHz


3.0Vin for 400Wout into 8Ω

Input Impedance

20kΩ true balanced

Frequency Response

0Hz to 150kHz (DC Coupled)

Output Power

1500W Transformer: 850Wpc into 4Ω, 460Wpc into 8Ω, Standard 750W transformer: 720Wpc into 4Ω, 430Wpc into 8Ω


Thermal, Current, Voltage, Auto-Recovery

Output Connectors

WBT Gold Binding Posts

Input Connectors

Neutrik Gold XLR (RCA-to-XLR adapters included)

Idle Power Consumption


Sleep Power Consumption


AC Mains

120VAC nominal, 230VAC upon request


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