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  • Dragonfly Ultra Black Motorized ALR Projector screen

Dragonfly™ Ultra Black Motorized ALR Projection Screen

We’ve engineered the industry’s first true rollable ALR projection screen so your customers can enjoy dynamic, colorful media without losing valuable wall space. Standard Ambient Light Rejecting material absorbs and rejects all excess natural light in a room. But Dragonfly uses Black Lenticular Lens Technology to focus and direct light, offering ideal image quality and enhanced contrast in any application. Use this screen in any home theater, commercial space, or multi-purpose area where you’d like to offer an out-of-this-world viewing experience.


Accept No Substitutes

Dragonfly offers the only true motorized ALR on the market. Our teams engineered the first rollable ambient light rejecting screen, combining our popular motorized form factor with microscopic Black Lenticular Lens Technology to ensure your customers get the best image contrast possible. These screens reject up to 95% of ambient light in a room. Can your standby ambient screen do that?


Better Than The Rest

Don’t be fooled by the competition. Dragonfly’s ambient light rejecting material was designed to be premium-grade: it delivers stunning performance and a sharper color contrast all at one competitive price. Not only does this unique material add a sleek, professional look to any install, it also absorbs and rejects excess light in a variety of versatile use cases. The difference is clear!


Delivers True 4K

Optimized for full 4K Ultra HD at over 8 million pixels, this Ultra Black ALR filmscreen is so versatile it offers amazing image quality for both 4K and high-resolution 1080p systems.


Light Rejection Equals Better Picture

You’ve never seen a projection screen like this. Our Ultra Black Ambient Light Rejection screen material has a smooth texture that reflects unwanted light and keeps it from affecting picture quality. These screens can now be used in applications that would normally need a TV to deliver the best quality picture. No more washed-out images!


Black Lenticular Lens Technology

At a microscopic level, Dragonfly’s unique Black Lenticular Lens structures the way an ALR screen focuses and reflects light. Tiny half cylinders lined in a row help focus the projector light into horizontal beams, allowing less light to be released above and below the cylinder. This enables the cylinders to absorb light coming in from steep angles, making the image appear brighter and enhancing overall contrast.


Seven Strong Layers

A total of seven whisper-thin layers make this material tough enough to withstand the brightest lights. Using an optical lens layer that enhances ambient light rejection and image contrast; a reflection layer to increase half-gain angles; a black color layer for reproduction and contrast help; and a surface coating to make the material scratch-resistant, this screen rejects the most amount of light..


No Shimmer or Hotspots

Ever catch a glimmer of static or a weird blip of noise in the background of a projected image? Never let shimmer or hot spots ruin a customer’s viewing experience. Our smooth Dragonfly material is precision-engineered to provide crisp images free of all picture quality interference, no matter what projector you’re using.


Wide Viewing Angle

For customers who need more viewing space in multi-purpose rooms, home theaters, or any other versatile set ups, this filmscreen supports a wider spectrum of off-axis viewing, preventing image darkening and distortion at up to 160°.


Gain Confidence

This unique projection screen features a highly-efficient gain of 0.8, so it not only absorbs unwanted ambient light, but enhances color contrast—it makes deep blacks even blacker and all colors richer.


Quick & Quiet Motor

Dragonfly motorized screens feature a whisper-quiet tubular motor with enhanced efficiency and nearly silent operation. Plus, it has an average drop time of 18 seconds.


Flexible Control

We’ve taken the guesswork out of specifying and controlling your Dragonfly motorized screen. Each model comes standard with the most popular control types: RS-232, IR,12V trigger, wall switch and contact input. Plus, we include a mounting bracket for the remote – so the customer never has to search to find it.


Wall Switch

Use the included wall switch and cable for quick and easy screen operation, meaning the customer always has a way to quickly raise and lower the screen.


12V Trigger

If you’re using a projector or AV receiver with a 12V output, use the included 30’ cable to easily have the screen raise and lower when that device is turned on.



The included case-mounted IR receiver means you can mount the screen and start controlling it right out of the box with the included IR remote control.



The included RS-232 connection is perfect for integrating the screen into popular control systems.


Contact Input

An included dry contact closure input provides a simple way to raise and lower the screen.

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