• Dragonfly Thinline™ Fixed Projection Screen

Dragonfly Thinline™ Fixed Ultra White Projection Screen

Bring your installs to a new level with our Dragonfly Thinline™ Fixed Ultra White Projection Screen, now available in a versatile thin-bezel form factor. Our Thinline series features a 7mm (0.28”) felt-covered thin bezel to ensure the projector light doesn’t cast additional reflection on the sturdy aluminum frame. With a simplified design, installing the bezel is frustration-free. Not only does our brightest screen pair seamlessly with 4K projectors, but it also offers high-definition experiences for systems with 1080p projectors. Enjoy brighter whites, more vivid colors, and enhanced resolution for all applications, and create true-to-life reproductions that rival any TV viewing experience.


A Sleek Silhouette

Clients love the finished, minimalist look that a thin bezel screen provides, so we’ve produced a sleek aluminum frame anyone can be proud of. This 7mm(0.28″) thin bezel is felt-covered in order to ensure the projector light doesn’t cast additional reflections.

Ultra White Delivers 4K Ultra HD

An Ultra White projection screen’s sleek, texture-less material offers a crisp, bright image that can’t be replicated by regular matte white material. Compatible with full 4K Ultra HD at over 8 million pixels, this Ultra White filmscreen is not only 4K optimized, but can offer amazing image quality for 1080p systems.

Simple Thin-Bezel Installation

We’ve made sure you can get your screen installed right on the first try. Set the thin-bezel cap in place over the material, then use the convenient grooves to line up the corner fit before tightening it in place. This prevents unsightly gaps and mismatched framing.

Gainfully Employed

All the acoustical transparency in the world means nothing without a bright, clear picture. That’s why our Ultra AcoustiWeave™ is made from finely woven, reflective fabric that delivers a highly-efficient gain of 1.0 with provided black scrim. This gives you superb off-axis performance and versatility.

No More Moiré

Many competitors feature “perforated” screens that use many small, punched holes for acoustical transparency. The problem with this approach is a side effect known as moiré – a wavy and rippled image distortion that results when projected light is reflected improperly. Our Ultra AcoustiWeave™ material features a precision weave that eliminates moiré, while maximizing audio transfer through the screen.

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