• Dragonfly Recessed Motorized High Contrast Tab Tension projector angle
  • Dragonfly™ Recessed Motorized High Contrast Tab Tension
  • Dragonfly™ Recessed Motorized High Contrast Tab Tension projector screen

Dragonfly™ Recessed Motorized High Contrast Non Tab Tension Projection Screens (16:9)

These space-saving projection screens give you stellar visual performance in any multi-purpose room or home theater. A lightweight, maneuverable design makes filmscreen installation easier than ever, while an industry-leading tubular motor delivers whisper quiet operation. It even includes IR, RF, and serial commands control to make system integration a breeze.


High Contrast Screen

Can’t control the lighting in your install? Does your projector have weak black levels? High contrast material is perfect for rooms with ambient light issues. With an 0.8 gain and a wide 160-degree viewing angle, this screen material absorbs some of the ambient light to create better contrast, enhance black levels and maintain color balance.



Our screens come ready to install right out of the box. Lightweight and maneuverable, each filmscreen includes your choice of brackets and a full hardware install pack in order to simplify the mounting process and provide a smooth, sleek finish.


Installation Is Easy

Each screen features a full kit for installation right out of the box, and includes both flat blackets and Z brackets for retrofit installs or new build jobs. Use flat brackets for installs with new ceilings and access above the screen, and use Z brackets for installs with new or existing permanent ceilings, or when you have an attic or a crawl space above the screen housing.


Flexible IR/RS-232/Contact RF Control

Screen control’s in your hands with IR, RF, or serial commands. RF capability means you don’t need to run an IR receiver or extender, because everything’s hidden in the ceiling! An external IR receiver is also included for your convenience, along with an RF-capable remote, while control drivers allow for simple system integration. Our 12V trigger even supports anything from 3-12 volts.

  • UL Listed

Each Dragonfly screen component was rigorously engineered to pass UL’s high safety and quality standards, and was tested to ensure premium reliability, wherever you mount it.

  • Quick & Quiet Motor

If you weren’t lowering the screen, you’d barely know what was going on. Dragonfly motorized projection screens feature a revamped tubular motor, and will give your customer quiet and reliable operation, day in and day out.

  • Wide Viewing Angle

For customers who need more viewing space in multi-purpose rooms, home theaters, or any other versatile setup, this filmscreen supports a wider spectrum of off-axis viewing, preventing image darkening and distortion at up to 140°.

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