• Dragonfly™ Motorized 16:9 Matte White Projection Screen

Dragonfly™ Motorized 16:9 Matte White Projection Screen

These Dragonfly™ Matte White Motorized Screens feature a whisper-quiet motor and flexible control options‚ coupled with an inner layer of woven fiberglass that stiffens the material hold a flat surface along the viewing area. The choice for fantastic image quality‚ they feature a micro-diamond pattern that delivers ultra-wide off-axis viewing‚ plus reduced light ripples and glare to create true-to-life‚ accurate reproductions. They also install in minutes for a true installer-friendly solution.


Matte White Screen Material

Our Matte White screen material is a great choice for applications where you have control over the ambient light. It’s engineered with a micro-diamond pattern that delivers ultra-wide off-axis viewing – so no matter where you’re sitting you get the best performance. With a 1.0 gain and 170-degree viewing angle it prevents hot-spots and color shifts, while reducing light “ripples” and glare – all to create impeccable color balance and a true-to-life experience


Screen Fabric Construction

Our Non Tab Tension screens are constructed of four bonded layers. The first, constructed of PVC, provides a smooth backing as the motorized screen rolls onto itself. Second, a sturdy woven fiberglass layer is added to form the structural core. Third, a top PVC layer adds more durability and forms a smooth surface for the final visible layer, which features an embossed acrylic coating that greatly increases gain and delivers a bright, brilliant image.


  • Wide Viewing Angle

For customers who need more viewing space in multi-purpose rooms, home theaters, or any other versatile set ups, this filmscreen supports a wider spectrum of off-axis viewing, preventing image darkening and distortion at up to 160°.

  • Quick & Quiet Motor

If you weren’t lowering the screen, you’d barely know what was going on. Dragonfly motorized projection screens feature a revamped tubular motor, and will give your customer quiet and reliable operation, day in and day out.

  •  Flexible Control

We’ve taken the guesswork out of specifying and controlling your Dragonfly motorized screen. Each model comes standard with the most popular control types: RS-232, IR,12V trigger, wall switch and contact input. Plus, we include a mounting bracket for the remote – so the customer never has to search to find it.


Wall Switch

Use the included wall switch and cable for quick and easy screen operation, meaning the customer always has a way to quickly raise and lower the screen.

12V Trigger

If you’re using a projector or AV receiver with a 12V output, use the included 30’ cable to easily have the screen raise and lower when that device is turned on.


The included case-mounted IR receiver means you can mount the screen and start controlling it right of the box with the included IR remote control.


An included dry contact closure input provides a simple way to raise and lower the screen.

Contact Input

An included dry contact closure input provides a simple way to raise and lower the screen.

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