• Dragonfly Fixed Ultra White Projection Screen

Dragonfly Fixed 16:9 Ultra White Projection Screen

Bring your installs to a new level with our Dragonfly™ Fixed Ultra White Projection Screens. Our high gain, texture-free material offers a bright and crisp image that can integrate into any high-resolution projection systems. Not only does this screen pair seamlessly with 4K projectors, but it also offers high-definition experiences for systems with 1080p projectors. This smooth screen offers brighter whites, better colors, and enhanced resolution for all applications, and creates true-to-life reproductions that rival any TV viewing experience.


Ultra White Delivers 4K Ultra HD

An Ultra White projection screen’s sleek, texture-less material offers a crisp, bright image that can’t be replicated by regular matte white material. Compatible with full 4K Ultra HD at over 8 million pixels, this Ultra White filmscreen is not only 4K-optimized, but can also offer amazing image quality for 1080p systems.

Gain Confidence

Our Ultra White projection screen features a highly-efficient gain of 1.3, so it offers brighter whites, better colors, and enhanced resolution for all applications.

Lock It Down

Dragonfly™ fixed screens include our Set-n-Lock™ mounting system, which features pre-measured tethers connecting the single top and bottom installation bars. Our Set-n-Lock™ includes clips to secure the screen to the bottom rail, keeping it snug to the wall and safe from prying fingers.

Flexible Install

Assembling our Ultra White screen is a cinch; the same trusty Dragonfly frame offers a familiar and easy assembly process, and our screen fabric has the perfect amount of stretch to allow for a tight, wrinkle-free fit.

Velvet Covered Frame

Every fixed screen frame is hand-wrapped with VelTX™ black velvet, providing an elegant finish that absorbs any overscan for the perfect theater experience. The beveled 3-1/4 in. aviation grade aluminum frame is rigid, easy to assemble, and looks great too!

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