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The most popular native 4k projector

  • The world’s first projector to support high-resolution 8K signal input: 8K60p/4K120p
  • Great for home theater and gaming
  • Blue-Escent laser light source
  • HDR10+

Why JVC Is the Most Popular Native 4k Projector| Rs1000/ Rs2000/ Rs3000 Nx5 /Nx7/ Nx9


Flagship D-ILA Projector


The DLA-RS4100 D-ILA projector is the world first (as of September 2021, JVCKENWOOD research) home theater model to feature 8K/60p/4K120p input. It is equipped with a new 8K/e-shiftX proprietary technology with 4-direction shift to reproduce 8K-quality image from 4K signals. 4K120p input also makes the projector ideal for gaming when combined with Low Latency mode. The projector is driven by three 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA devices, high-quality 18-element, 16-group 100 mm glass lens with a full aluminum lens barrel, and Ultra-High Contrast Optics that contribute to deliver optical brightness of 3,000 lumens. BLU-Escent laser diode light source also contributes to project the high-resolution 8K image with full depth and dimensionality with longevity of up to 20,000 hours. Compatible with the latest HDR10+, the projector boasts industry leading HDR performance. 8K, Laser, and HDR are the keywords that describe JVCs 2021 projector models and DLA-RS4100 is the high-end model.

JVC DLA-RS4100K D-ILA 8K e-shiftX HDR 3,000 Lumen Laser Projector

JVC offers the ultimate BLU-Escent laser technology with 3,000 lumens brightness, 20,000 hour long-life illumination and 8K e-shiftX display. The RS4100 is a further upgrade with our best lens design and 100,000:1 Native Contrast. It also features the newest HDMI 2.1 standard with a 4K/120P & 8K/60P inputs along with 100% DCI color coverage for the pinnacle of home theater performance.


JVC’s latest D-ILA imaging chips offer the best black level and highest native contrast in the industry. A dual aperture light engine design in combination with these D-ILA chips improves the native contrast ratio to up to 100,000:1 with infinite dynamic contrast.

Superb Picture Quality

3,000 Lumens Brightness provides a stunning image, even with larger screen home theaters. Vibrant color is assured with 100% REC709 and approximately 100% of the DCI standard. The BT2020 color mode ensures full compatibility with the newest 4K HDR content. D-ILA imaging chips offer the best black level and contrast in the industry.

BLU-Escent Laser Phosphor Light Engine

JVC’s proprietary 3rd generation “BLU-Escent” Laser Phosphor light engine uses Blue Laser diodes with a new compact design, higher output, greater efficiency and quieter operation. “BLU-Escent” enables 3,000 lumen light output and 20,000 hour long life illumination. Increased brightness ensures compatibility with larger screen sizes, and improved HDR performance, bringing greater depth and dimensionality to home theater screens. Laser also offers faster power on and power off, as well as dynamic dimming for infinite dynamic contrast.

8K e-shiftX

JVC is the first home theater projector to deliver 8K input and full 8K output. 8K e-shiftX uses a new 240hz Driver with 4-Way/Multi-Axis Shift to deliver true 8K resolution with over 35 million addressable pixels. It’s pixel perfect!












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What Our Customers Say

I was concerned about paying a lot more for the SI screen over the other guys, but in the end it went on sale, and I’m glad I made the choice. Everything is top notch about the construction, and they give you about a million ways to lower the screen. (Wall switch, IR remote eye, IR remote extended eye, and trigger cable.

It went up easily, adjusts easily, and looks great. My power and trigger signal were at the other end, so it would be great if they could come up with a way to route the cables along the screen body, instead of just using tie wraps, but that doesn’t affect my opinion of this product. If I were to do it again, I’d go with SI again.


An Incredible Lens Delivers 4K

The DLA-RS2100 delivers BLU-Escent laser technology and 8K e-shift at a truly breakthrough price point. 2,200 lumen brightness offers impressive HDR even with larger screen sizes. A 65 mm diameter all glass lens provides a wide zoom and shift range for installation flexibility. Add D-ILA imaging chips, HDR10+ and Frame Adapt HDR for an impressive home theater experience.

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