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First there was Television
Now there’s EpiqVision

Whether you’re watching a live sporting event, streaming your favorite series, gaming on the latest generation of consoles, or simply watching a blockbuster movie — an Epson EpiqVision™ Laser Projection TV1 will simply amaze you.

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV – 100″/120”

  • 100”/120” Epson SilverFlex Ultra ALR Screen
  • LS500 Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector
  • 4K PRO-UHD2
  • 10-Bit HDR Color Processing
  • 4,000 Lumens3
  • Up to 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Native 60 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 16.7ms Input Lag
  • Dual 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 Ports
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

What Our Customers Say

This is really my family’s first sort of “luxury” item. A product that really has no compromises and it is next to impossible to convey what this projector is like in just a written review. You need to experience yourself. You need to be in front of the screen taking it all in. All I can say is that we were blown away. Even the built-in speakers of the projector sounded pretty good. This was the first AV product I have ever used and truly felt that I had a proper movie-going experience.

If you are looking for a projector I’d say give this one a chance. I can’t imagine anyone that got this, aimed it at a proper screen and watched some 4k HDR content, and thought to themselves that this wasn’t good enough in some way.

Gerald Bertram

An Immersive Display up to 120″

As an alternative to traditional LCD and OLED TV’s, the Epson EpiqVision Laser Projection TV1 represents a new generation of digital projection that redefines the everyday television experience by offering a stunning 4K PRO-UHD2 HDR picture available in both 100” or 120” screen sizes.

Epson Projector Lineup

EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV – Projector Only

EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV – 100″

EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV – 120″

Pro Cinema 4050 4K PRO-UHD Projector with Advanced 3-Chip Design and HDR

Pro Cinema 6050UB 4K PRO-UHD Projector with Advanced 3-Chip Design and HDR10

A Complete Solution

Ambient Light Rejecting Screen +
Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Epson EpiqVision Laser Projection TV combines a new type of Ultra Short Throw Laser-Array Projection technology – along with a high resolution Ambient Light Rejecting screen to produce vivid colors and deep blacks for an exceptionally bright, colorful, and sharp picture.

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