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LG Cinebeam HU85LA Review

LG Cinebeam HU85LA Review

As I entered the arena of Ultra Short Throw Goodness I didn’t really know how good it could get. LG made it to the final fight but fell short of the Samsung LSP9T in a few areas, however if you are looking for a really good projector at a great value, this is for you!

At $4,999, it is an amazing value. Cheaper than the Samsung LSP9T at around $6,500, the LG has amazing color pop, decent contrast and black levels, and their smart features / smart apps with LG’s webOS is something all ultra short throw projectors can take note of.

What LG does best is the WebOS onboard system to host its smart features and apps which is also controlled by a backlit LG smart remote that most are familiar with coming from their TV ecosystems. It has great edge to edge sharpness despite the manual focus, great HDR brightness, and handles 4K content with ease. 

One drawback is that at 26.8” W x 5.0” H x 13.7” D, it is fairly large in size against other competitors. With its Boxy stature, and If size isn’t an issue, the unit itself is very modern looking and will fit in with most room décor.

Good news is you can unbox it and place it on any media cabinet. My recommendation to truly appreciate this ultra short throw projector is to use it with a Screen Innovations UST .6 Screen. You will need a little planning to enjoy this to the fullest, so let us help you in your planning and implementation. That is what we are here for!

Something the HU85LA doesn’t do as well as the competition is the screen setup. Their smart features are great, but there is a bit of manual manipulation in this part. Unlike the Epson or even a simple screen diagram on the Samsung models, the LG has no assistance tools baked in to help with the screen setup in a proper place to get it dialed in perfectly.  

 I have to say, bright room viewing is great as it handles highlights well with a more than watchable experience in an ambient lit room. SDR and HDR content both look fantastic here on the LG UST. You have a dark room? Things only get better in dark room performance with the Expert Dark Room modes and Filmmaker Modes looking most accurate (slightly red weighted) without calibration. The laser light source is almost standard now for UST’s with native 3840 x2160-pixel UHD display. 

 If you are in the market for an ultra short throw projector (UST), the LG Cinebeam HU85LA is a top contender with excellent smart features built-in, great picture quality, and a stylish look. Do not overlook this item. It will give any buyer a phenomenal experience for the value. All in all, the things that could be better in comparison to other models are: Black levels, sound output, and electronic focus. If you’re wanting an awesome UST and you want it under $5,000, get the LG. If you are still shooting for the pinnacle of UST’s in 2021, the Samsung Premiere LSP9T still reigns king.