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RTJ Audio from the Creator of JTR Speakers

RTJ Audio from the Creator of JTR Speakers

I am super excited to announce the creation and launch of the new RTJ Audio from JTR Speakers. The wait is over for this professional line of speakers and subwoofers. Behold, the custom integrators’ version with the DNA of JTR Speakers. This was designed for the dedicated theater space that is purposefully built.  So, let’s begin.

While most of us were working at home and streaming too much TV in 2020, Jeff Permanian was hard at work. Jeff is the Creator of RTJ Audio and he invited us out to see what he has been working on. We visited Landrum, South Carolina in April of 2021 to witness the birth of this new project. Jeff did not disappoint. We arrived at a banquet hall full of AV gear. They were still setting up, but we could tell that this was going to be a substantial system once completed.

RTJ Audio


The first thing I noticed were the massive Towers. These are comprised of the 410 loudspeaker sandwiched in between two R1 18-inch subwoofers. The subs speak for themselves, but I felt the 410 could use some explanation. Most loudspeakers have one or two 8-inch drivers, but the 410 has 10-inch drivers, but with 4 of them! The stack is modular and can be configured whichever way you would like, or your room allows. The subs are available in single, double, or quadruple packages. These are passive subs but come with a separate rack mountable amplifier. Additionally, there are options for surround speakers in the form of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers as well as standalone bookshelf speakers.

The RTJ line shares some similarities throughout the speakers. These are point source tweeters and mids to help with time alignment. The crossovers in the speakers made them very linear in their response as well.

RTJ Audio


The configuration we used for the demo was a 7.4. They chose not to do an Atmos configuration due to the scaffolding that would have had to be brought in. Since this was a banquet hall set up / tear down in one day, there were limitations to conquer. They used a Kaleidoscape source played though a Lumagen Radiance Pro into a Stormaudio processor and a JVC NX7/ RS2000. The Screen used was a Seymour Acoustically transparent motorized screen. Once we filmed a few videos and had lunch, it was time for the demos. I will say that after some tweaks to the calibration and plugging into a couple circuits for power, the system was fully operational.

RTJ Audio Installation
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We played multiple demos from live music to movies with action and dialogue. The long and short of it is that Jeff has made a unique and impressive new set of speakers. The passion and hard work that went into the development and execution of these speakers and subs is immediately obvious. There is something very satisfying watching multiple 18-inch subs growing through their full excursion. I am not sure if I watched this or the movie more!

I was incredibly pleased to be a part of the trip as well as the RTJ Audio experience. These new speakers and subwoofers deliver that unique home theater experience that we know and love. We would love to put a full system into your next theater. Just call us and we would be happy to make that happen. Until next time guys…

-Chris Mata





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